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👶 In my early days a videomaker I used a lot Sony Vegas Pro (can't recall if was 8 or 9), but now I am completely converted to Adobe.

🤔 As many users I really dislike their policies on customer support and pricing, but...

📽️ If you can really use Premiere Pro and After Effects those two pals can really make anything possible.

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Hi all!

I'm a Final Cutter, but I want to start incorporating custom animations into my work. I notice a lot of the community uses Premiere. Just curious if anyone uses Final Cut and can recommend an animation software that would integrate well with it?



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4 hours ago, thedoreo said:

Hey Nik!

By custom animations do you mean motion graphics and typographic animations, or things like translations/rotations etc. of assets on the screen?

If you have a reference that would really help! 

Hi! @thedoreo Thanks for getting back to me! I’m looking to add motion graphics and infographics. I attached a couple short clips on what I mean.

Ultimately, the goal is to be able to create something interactive with my spokesperson videos, like this:

(PS: Sorry its randomly a gun law video. It was the best sample when I was searching for "spokesperson with graphics" videos 😳)

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Haha all good about the video topic!

I think that then for these kinds of motion graphics what you think is Adobe Premiere Pro is actually Adobe After Effects that has a lot of tools for animating things, so that's definitely worth the try! There is also Cavalry which is a rather new tool for motion graphics!

For Final Cut I think that there are plugins that offer templated animations but I never like to rely on templates - always better to learn and understand the craft itself in my opinion 🙂 



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