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  1. Yes,You are right. I believe he will not do it again.
  2. Thanks, I know but everybody deserve one chance so…
  3. It’s really disgusting when i find some one copy my gig video even the thumbnail images. I warn him to remove it
  4. Thanks so much, Already I’ve reported this user.
  5. Why would you be confused? Of course, it is spam! Please don’t click on random links strangers share on the internet. It could be a phishing/hacking attempt. You could land in a lot of trouble. Most browsers nowadays come with a lot of security. But, even then, I would not click on any random links I see on the internet. Thanks for your suggestion
  6. I’ve received a message where someone asks a vote for feverr as best freelance platform! And also provided a link. For the response rate factor I left a formal reply, but I am confused is it spam?? 😕 Looking for your suggestions. Thanks in advance Mod Note: Image removed due to visible phishing url. Do not post unapproved urls.
  7. Hi, I am Subrata from Bangladesh. Hope we make some fantastic project together.
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