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  1. I wish they would, but nope! Her model did have a face though, so I do know what she looks like 😉
  2. Haha all good about the video topic! I think that then for these kinds of motion graphics what you think is Adobe Premiere Pro is actually Adobe After Effects that has a lot of tools for animating things, so that's definitely worth the try! There is also Cavalry which is a rather new tool for motion graphics! For Final Cut I think that there are plugins that offer templated animations but I never like to rely on templates - always better to learn and understand the craft itself in my opinion 🙂
  3. @frank_d yea it's definitely a learning curve! Once the Animation half of the forum opens I hope to start some discussions about animation practices and tips, as it's definitely something hard to grasp at the beginning, and way beyond just "moving controllers"!
  4. Totally get you, I have the same thing with Spine 2D.. and Unity, and Cinema 4D, and getting deeper into Motion Graphics too, the learning never stops!! Well done on getting to learn Octane and Redshift even with all the mental behind kickery! One of the reasons I decided to focus on only doing Animation as a profession before joining Fiverr as an evaluator, is that you see the results as you animate, unlike rendering where you have no idea if things look good until an hour, or two, or a day has passed 😂 Never had much patience, let the shading department deal with lighting and rendering stuff!
  5. Hey Nik! By custom animations do you mean motion graphics and typographic animations, or things like translations/rotations etc. of assets on the screen? If you have a reference that would really help!
  6. Woops... Took too long to edit! I'm Dor and I'm the Professional Evaluator for Video and Animation 🙂 Basically, I'm in charge of qualitative vetting and promoting high-quality sellers! I work a lot with Jacky and I can't wait to see how this forum grows! My background is mainly in 3D Character Animation (worked on the 3D reboot of the Muppet Babies on Disney Jr. if anyone knows it!), but I have also have live action production experience and lived and breathed Video and Photography for a while before I discovered animation 🙂 Looking forward to meeting more of our awesome Video & Animation sellers, and welcome Enunciator!
  7. Premiere Pro, sometimes After Effects directly if I can't be bothered starting in Premiere and then moving to AE for touchups haha
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