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How would you go about this?



So, I will start with the fact that I know this is a semi-unique problem to bigger orders (in my case, at least), however, it's... becoming a bit of an issue for me. I do take on a fair bit of orders at a time - and then give myself a pretty tight schedule. However, the schedule only works out if I get the feedback I need from customers roughly on time. (I do need the feedback, there's no way I can write 25-50k words without showing it to them even once... Not a good idea.) Still, I always start on an order pretty early on, so even if they reply a day or two later, it's okay! 

Recently, however,  I got even busier (I'm moving abroad in two days, so...)

However, that's not really the main issue. Somehow many buyers stopped replying to progress reports almost altogether. 

I'll send through a document and several (so not one or two person but, more) people just waited for a week (or more) to reply. Some of them are on a tight schedule, too. How do you go about this (when you absolutely NEED feedback?) Would it be possible for me to have a clause in my gigs that goes like 'if you don't reply within x days, the project might be delayed?' Would this be going too far? 

How do you deal with this? Do you send reminders to buyers if you send something through before delivery? Do you even send anything through (or do you just...deliver the full thing?) I realise people might be busy, but when they seem to be online several times and there's no response for weeks, it's a little odd, admittedly. (not good for my anxiety for sure, ha)

(Forgive me for the 'rant'. I'm...really all over the place right now... both in my head and in my brains haha)

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Some buyers are really busy. 
They show up online something because of using fiverr app usually. It's a common scenario. But in real they don't have time to check it (less priority)

I understand it's important to get feedback to continue to finish. However, that case I will suggest you to add this information in your gig.

Also, in order page you can write them that you need to meet the deadline with the work so feedback on time is important or

may be you both can mutually complete the work and work on backend or

you can send time extension from order page resolution center.

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