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buyer request revision number shows zero even when i select any number.


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hello there sweet people,

i am a new seller on fiverr and every time i send a buyers request letters, the offer shows zero revisions even when i select a number. this has been happening for quite a long time. i always put 3 revisions option. but every time is shows zero to the clients. it was only few days back when 2 of my clients asked me for revisions only then i noticed this problem. and i checked previous letters and order details, it was the same problem with all of them. 

what should i do to fix this. please help me. desperately in need of your advises.

thank you,


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2 hours ago, genuineguidance said:

Hey! Have you tried contacting Fiverr or Fiber or whatever it is called support!!!

Come on, guys. One person saying it is enough.

What people here should be asking is - are you answering Buyer Requests through your phone, a tablet or on your pc?


i have tried to address this problem to help and support but no help as there is no free text option to write my problem. and yes i use both my laptop and mobile phone to send buyer requests.

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