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  1. You can create more gigs also you can collect order from your previous buyer,,,,,,, Gig marketing .
  2. Be patient. Active most of the time. Develop your skill. Keep up your hard working. Research more about fiverr. Read fiverr blog Create multiple gigs, Use attractive tittle, Research about your service before create your gig.Try to send buyer request regurarly. .
  3. You need to build perfect portfolio when someone want want a free test then you will show your portfolio. You can build multiple portfolio about your service. There are some buyer who want a free test , if they like this free thing then they hire you but after getting the sample tell they didn't like your work. Some buyer want a free test, After contact you they will hire other seller after complete your test template tell that didn't like your sample. So, You can make portfolio when they want a free test then you can show your portfolio if they like your sample then they will hire you. It's not not good for to make a template, Most of the buyer didn't want a free test.
  4. Check buyer profile to know about the buyer.
  5. Great personality, Your advice is really good. To get the best quality work it will be a tricks for other buyers. Not all client like that you. Relationship is one of the important part to get the best work.
  6. Don't hire at once if the description says "please contact me first before placing an order" (or anything like that). This line is not be a trick for a buyers. Some seller use this line for the better explain about the project.
  7. Send effective buyer request, create multiple gigs, use attractive thumbnail, title and description
  8. Firstly, Try to see their work experience, portfolio and also review from the other buyers. If you will post a buyer request there will come lots of newbie who are not Good At first check seller gig, Read the gig description and also you can visit their profile. If it's able to make you impressed by their straight forward describe then contact the seller and discuss details about the project then if you will feel all right then put the order. Hope this post help you to get the best seller.
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