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  1. are buyer requests not being updated properly, or is it just happening with me. has any one of you get weeks old buyer requests. its been happening with be for over a month now. i rarely get new requests. i have to reload the page time to time just to get a new request, that to i get only a few (4-5) a day. rests are days and weeks old. some requests i have already sent letter to reappear. there are some particular requests they just don't seem to go away. its been a month now, but they appear everyday. what should i do? is this a bug? should i talk to the help and support team about this?
  2. for weekends i can understand this problem but i have been facing this same repetition problem for over 2 weeks now. some of the requests that appear are 3 to 4 days old. and same reappear on the buyer requests even if i have sent offer letters to them. should i be concern ?
  3. i understood your post well. by delivering on time i meant the revised work itself. as he hasn't provided any further information's you can still deliver the work you already did. as i am not a pro level seller, please correct me if i am wrong. all i wanted to say was its the buyer who is absent so you do the work of your side and as long as you deliver it properly it wont affect your profile. and i am sorry if i still missed your point. 😊
  4. in times like these one can only hope that the client is safe and healthy and respond to you soon. its not a scam or neither did the buyer disappeared. there could be a hundred of reasons for this behaviour. but here fiverr has your back. you have contacted the CS and now this matter has their attention. so don't you worry, just deliver your work on time and it will automatically get completed after 3 days. you can later do the corrections if he contacts you. till then just hope for the best.
  5. try to be active on fiver as much as you can. try to send 10 offer letters daily and keep your grammar and writing skills up to the mark. always try to answer any messages right away as response time matters a lot. do proper SEO of your gig and also do marketing for your gig to gain impressions and clicks. try to visit forum, well not for getting orders but to keep yourself updated about the rules and regulations. hope this helps. best of luck.
  6. great. i hope this helps you along they way and succeed. all the best.
  7. they both cause damage. we just have to measure which one is heavier
  8. hello shazzad, well i am not an expert but as far as i have known gig seo means the techniques to make a gig more search friendly for the buyers. using key words in the title and description of the service you are providing to makes it easy to find the gig on search list. using proper tags that clearly connects with your gig to the customers search. these are called seo. suppose you have a gig on social media marketing then you would need to use tags and key words that relates to your services, words that a client will use to search for the service. and then for those words being present on your title or description any client would find your gig when they search for social media marketing services on fiverr. for any more detailed explanation you can search on the youtube and get expert advise.
  9. thanks for sharing the tips. yes many times i see my friends sending templet letters to buyers regardless of the topic or requirements. upon reading their letter one can not make sense of what this letter is about or what service is the seller trying the sell. they only talk about how they are experienced about this job. they don't even mention what job it is they are talking about. this is a big no no for sending offer letters. its good to mention your experience but it is a must to mention how you are going to fix or serve what the buyer requested. so all the best to fellow sellers here.😊
  10. thank you as well for sharing your experience and letting us know that one bad experience on fiverr doesn't mean the end of our career here. this is a misconception that needs to be cleared, and you did that pretty well. ☺️
  11. yes i was a technical issue. i contacted fiver help and support and they resolved this problem. thank you for your advise.
  12. oh i did. and the problem is solved now. anyway, thank you for your support.
  13. when a order has been cancelled you can recover from that damage after a certain period of time. but when a client leaves a bad review that is an irreparable loss. you can not remove that from your profile.
  14. true that. as a new seller we get excited or sometimes overwhelmed upon receiving an order and get busy unnecessarily. on times like this we often overlook small mistakes, details or instructions and deliver the order. that doesn't mean we were cheating the client or being unprofessional. this simply means we are human and we make mistakes. for which we constantly need to learn and develop ourselves both work skill wise and communication wise.
  15. hello sweet people, i have contacted the help and support centre and left a message regarding this issue. i have received a letter from them saying the problem has been solved and the actual amount has been deposited. it was a display problem for which it only showed the tip amount being added. i am happy now its resolved. thank you all for your advises and support on this matter. with regards, eliza.
  16. this 48$ isn't showing on the other places for balance check. that is why i am concern.
  17. here it shows 7.20$. and on the overall pending balance there also it shows only 7.20$ has been added from this order.
  18. i did. here it shows all the amount perfectly but still amount earned is 7.20$. and the amount added to my balance was also 7.20$.
  19. hello dear people. i have just completed a order of 60$ with a tip of 9$. but the amount earned shows only 7.20$. and i have checked my pending clearance balance and that also shows that only 7.20$ has been added from the this order. the order was completed on time with a fully satisfied client. i dont get it why this is happening. please help me find any reason. i am badly in need of your suggestions and advises on how to resolve this problem. thank you in advance for all of your help. eliza.
  20. i dont know. i just know my offer letter doesn't show the revision options.
  21. i have tried to address this problem to help and support but no help as there is no free text option to write my problem. and yes i use both my laptop and mobile phone to send buyer requests.
  22. hello there sweet people, i am a new seller on fiverr and every time i send a buyers request letters, the offer shows zero revisions even when i select a number. this has been happening for quite a long time. i always put 3 revisions option. but every time is shows zero to the clients. it was only few days back when 2 of my clients asked me for revisions only then i noticed this problem. and i checked previous letters and order details, it was the same problem with all of them. what should i do to fix this. please help me. desperately in need of your advises. thank you, eliza
  23. your gig shows. that means it is active. but if you are still facing any problem please go to help and support and check your gig status from there.
  24. i didnt even notice this until one client asked me about it. it breaks my heart thinking how potential clients must have ignored my offer letters just because they thought i wont be offering any revisions.
  25. hello, i am eliza and i have been on fiverr for 3 months now. i have successfully completed level one requirements. for a few days now i am facing a problem. when i send buyer request i always give an option of 5 revisions. ALWAYS. but my requests shows 0 revisions. this has happened for quite a few times. and i don't know why. it only come to my knowledge when a client messaged me saying ''they might place the order only if i provide any revisions''. then i checked my previous letters and orders and they all showed the same, 0 revisions, where i clearly remember of selecting the revisions option. what should i do now to solve this problem? is this only me or any of you have faced same kind of problem before. i am really in need of your suggestions, please help me. with regards, eliza.
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