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  1. yes bro communication is the key to success of any job. in fiverr you must follow this thing . if you are a good communicator and a more quicker then other the buyer happy with you and he know you as a trust full seller and buyer always give you the work.
  2. thank @ashin_iqbal. do you understand what topic here bro. if you have any idea about this topic please share...
  3. hey guys I working a stingy buyer. he is my returning buyer and order my gig in regularly. but he is a stingy buyer for me. he always say please give me this in lowest this is not suitable for this kinds of work. and order for one job and get one free when I told about that he always say please help I will give you next time. at the last he never increase his budget in next job. but always give me pain. please help me how I handle this kind of buyer.
  4. yes this is very importing to served the best service to your buyer. it is the best option to get continues order.
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