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  1. The benefits of getting a level of fiber: 1) The amount of your buyer request will increase. 2) Your gigs will be boosted. And the impact will increase even a little bit on the rankings. 3) New sellers are more likely to get orders than one and a half. 4) Fiber promotes your profile more than before. 5) The client makes you investigate a little less.
  2. You can learn a lot by staying active in the forum. Since you are new so you should read these topics once. https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards/prohibited-services
  3. I also noticed the subject. They are actually a kind of fiverr seller. They probably don't get any order because of their mistake so they send request offer and when we send buyer request then they notice what we wrote and sent buyer request. We should avoid them.
  4. This information was very important.
  5. Tell the client that communicating outside of Fiverr is risky for both the buyer's and seller's accounts. Even as soon as the email word is written, Fiverr's automatic system informs Fiverr support. In the meantime, maybe your two-way message Fiverr authority has started checking and sorting. And they put you on the list. Don't share any medium to communicate outside of Fiverr. The account will be suspended as soon as it is shared. Usually, cancel the order.
  6. In this case, what you should do: 1) First you check whether all your gigs are active or not. You can check from this link (https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig). 2) Regularly refer to fiber for 7 days and send buyer request. Check gig status after 7 days. 3) If there is no improvement in the gig, edit the gig. 4) Organize the title and description of the gig and present it in a neat way. 5) Use the mobile app to stay active online.
  7. You can solve the problem by reporting your problem to Fiber Support. You can talk about support by clicking on this link. https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new
  8. I think you should go into the buyer mode of Fiber and go to the WordPress category and take a look at the different services. In this way, the demand for any work of WordPress is more in Fiber, you can understand it easily by looking at the reviews of sellers' gigs and the amount of order completion. And from there you will get an idea about your competitor.
  9. The Fiverr officially never said that more orders would be received if Fiverr remained active in the forum. However, many of us believe that since I am spending our precious time in the Fiverr Forum, Ananya is being facilitated and it is proving our knowledge with Fiverr, so we get a little more serious about Fiber when it comes to understanding Fiverr. As a result, fiber will definitely give us a reward for it. Also, as many topics are discussed in the forum, new topics are learned.
  10. Review and order completion rates play the most important role in getting more and more orders on Fiverr. That is why you have to provide quality services. Regular buyer requests should be sent and job samples and pet-folios should be submitted. In the first case, good service will be provided at low cost. Another important factor in getting an order on Fiber is communication skills. Communication skills whose alliance is in good order are the most. I have explained in detail about how to get more orders by sending a buyer request. Check it out at a little cost.
  11. The things you can do are: 1) You can make a request in a post and there will be several seller buyer requests. You can ask them for work samples. And you can hire him to fix the price that will work the least. 2) You can ask New Seller or Level One Sellers for previous work samples. And you can see the feedback of the subscribers and work through the custom offer by bargaining through the inbox.
  12. Make your gig image much more eye-catching. Remember that Gig's image makes a match about your service. Write Gigi's title neatly so that the customer understands the details of your service by looking at the title. And present the gig description neatly. Remember that the customer has no doubt about your service. Who can share gigs on social media (but I don't suggest it personally).
  13. A new seller must think from the buyer's point of view. Always keep in mind that if I were a buyer, why would I buy? The title of the gig is very important so you have to write the title very carefully. While writing the title I have to keep in mind that if I were a buyer, I would type in fiber and search. The description of the gig and the title of the urgent case, so you will need to write about the service in detail in the description. There is one more thing when writing the description. Knowing the ghat is very important. While writing the description it is important to note that the customer has no doubts about the service.
  14. There are two ways to activate 24 hours. 1) Use the mobile app 2) pin fiverr.com website on your desktop browser tab
  15. Here are some important tips on what to do to get more buyer requests: 1) Detailed writing about skills in profile description. Try to use the maximum number of keywords. 2) Add more and more skills and keep different types of skills without keeping the same category of skills. 3) Make 6 gigs and put enough keywords in the titles of the gigs. 4) Writing details about the service at Gig Description. And SEO friendly content to be used in gig descriptions.
  16. Maybe the buyer was new and he wasn't aware of the fitback. There is no reason to worry about fiber understanding it. So not giving fitback will not have any effect on your gig ranking.
  17. Have you had any warnings? If a warning is given it will take a while to level up. But there is no cause for concern. Everything will be fine in 20 days.
  18. Based on this attachment, the client makes an estimate of whether you can actually do his job properly. This attachment is a means of proving the work done to the buyer.
  19. Many would have suggested that you rank the gig. Maybe you have seen a lot of gig ranking tutorials on platforms like YouTube. But the reality is that we have no control over gig rankings. This ranking is based on Fiber's secret algorithm.
  20. Being online through Fiverr is a must, but there is no such thing as being online all time. If you are active in lack of sleep, it is harmful to your body. my opinion is You can use Fiber's mobile app. This will help you look active on fiber.
  21. Ways to identify a good buyer: 1) Good buyers always give a good salary to the seller. They always make vendors pay extra and demand better service. 2) A good buyer is always less talkative. And buyers spend more time doing things than they do so they can get better service. 3) A good buyer always talks to the sellers. And they select the right person for the job in a very short span of time. Thank you regards mdsohinul Islam (mdsojib276)
  22. what is the Fiverr forum Rank Progress? and what is (Newbie, Rookie, Apprentice, Explorer, Contributor, Enthusiast, Collaborator, Community Regular, Rising Star, Proficient, Experienced, Mentor, Veteran, Grand Master, Proficient Copy)? How do I get these batches? What to do to get these batches? Can anyone tell me in detail?
  23. 1) send 10 baiyar request every day. 2) understand the barrier need and discuss how will you fix it.
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