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How safe it is for two people to run separate Fiverr accounts with the same WiFi.


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It is very important to know the correct information about a topic:

I have been working on graphics design in Fiverr for 1 year. Now my cousin who is with me also wants to start working as a graphic designer by opening a new Fiverr ID. Since there is only one WiFi line at my home, I want to know, Now what problem occurs if two people work on fiverr with same wifi line? Have any solution? How we can safely use our account? 
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First of all: you always need to ask customer support for permission so you can save and screenshot that message in case if any problems occur later on. 

Secondly: you both can have your accounts ONLY if you provide different services. 
both providing graphic design work will be getting quite shady and might trigger automatic fiverr system and get your accounts blocked 

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You and your cousin can both work on Fiverr with the same WiFi, if you follow these rules:

  • The accounts can't sell similar services (ex. you can't both do graphic design work)
  • The accounts can't have the same withdrawal provider (like Payoneer or PayPal)
  • The accounts can't purchase from each other
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Just now, athoi123 said:
Since he is a website designer also. Is there a problem if he opens an account as a website designer and provides two types of services? Like logo design & website design (Both)

I'm not completely sure. Either way, as @mariashtelle1 said, I would first contact CS to confirm the specifics and get permission.

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Why the weird formatting of every post? It makes it more difficult to read.

To answer your question, if the two of you offer the same or similar services, you're very likely to get banned. Both of you.

The best thing to do would be to contact Customer Support, as you were already told to do, and ask them for guidance.

(In case you're not aware of it, and that's why you haven't contacted Customer Support already: this is forum, not Customer Support).

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