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  1. Hi there, As I lost my phone and not being able to get or buy one, therefore I was thinking about some alternative method to enable my "Temporarily disabled account". Your valuable guidance will be highly appreciated.
  2. What happens if a person fiverr account gets banned permanently?
  3. Hi, The option to add a work sample is not showing when I go to deliver the order to the client. The place I marked in the 'image' is supposed to show an option where I can choose if I want to add a gig sample. Which I can turn on or off. But there is no option here on my account.
  4. Hey there, I will try to keep this civil even though that issue has been making my blood boil and I am usually as calm as it gets. I have been using Fiverr over a year, I have 43 completed gigs and my rating has been 5 stars all the way, I always go above and beyond to make sure my clients are happy with the services I provide ( 3D art ). I always follow the rules, remind people that I cannot take payments out of Fiverr, use materials I own the commercial rights to etc. Recently I had this client that came in and wanted me to work "his way". That meant that he had no clear idea of what the piece was, but that through lots of back and forth we would get to create the piece. I will skip the hell that this has put me through, I just bought that bullet and learned that I should have communicated better on that. After 50 hours of work we finally got to the final version. I deliver the files that were agreed to. Now instead of closing the gig, he asked me for the 3D source files of the project. Until that point we had never agreed to me sharing these files if I were to finalize the gig. I tend to not share them as they contain all of my workflow, and if I do I charge 25% of the gig. But because I refused to deliver them right there and now with the final piece, he reported my account, and to my ( burnt out ) minds surprise, Fiverr immediately gave him reason. 50 hours of work, unpaid, my account freezes and I cannot message people. It has been 5 days and no one in the support is getting back to me. I have very clear proofs that the situation happened as I am explaining it, everything is written in our messages. How do I proceed to fix this mess ? Again this has been over a year of work playing by the rules and getting treated that way has been really rough. If anyone has been in a similar situation feel free to share. Thanks.
  5. I want to create one more fiver account for one of my family members and it is for a different purpose... to sell something different. How can I do that?
  6. Good evening, I'm from Ukraine! Friends, please help solve my problem, because of the war in my country I do not have enough money. My account was disabled six months ago, and only now I have access to withdraw funds from the account, after which my account will be closed forever! I did not break fiverr rules! They say that they support Ukraine, but these are empty words! Tell me how to act in my situation. Thank you!
  7. Can it be possible to provide service two different category in the same 1 account? As like Marketing and Designing
  8. My Fiverr account has been disabled, can I reopen my account without verifying the ID?
  9. My account was temporarily disabled during verification and I have a pending order please how can I get my account back to work
  10. We have only one laptop and I have knowledge of web development and my brother is learning digital marketing/social media marketing. We are totally different from each other in term of services we provide, so can we do it on the same computer and wifi at once? We would use everything same except our fiver accounts. Is it legal in fiver?
  11. Hello! My name is Rootvik Aahooja. I'm from India. When I tried to use my name in username field it gave "security" error. It seems any username with the word "root" anywhere in the username is not allowed which is pretty unusual. I understand blocking "root" but why to block "rootvik12" or something? I am not aware of any other website which does this. I've created this temp account just to report this. Please fix this so that I can create a real account with my desired username. Thanks!
  12. i used my identity card and i have only 17 then immediately fiverr stopped my account is there any chance i can get back my account
  13. If I use VPN on my pc is it will hamper my Fiverr account?
  14. hi, i created a fiverr account years ago using "sign with google account" please help me to change my athentification from using "sign with google" to sign with "email and password"
  15. Guys Plz Considered Carefully Plz :(( When i Got New Order On Fiverr in laptop For example order of of 2 days suddenly it become 1 day in laptop . In Mobile The Time is Ok i also correct the time of browser but i dont know it is a glitch or some thing.. And Also Tell me 2nd thing that what is delivering on time rule means Customer Support Says Your first message is a start . I did not understand this Plz Explain me this little.
  16. The last few days I ate a warning from Fiverr and edit a gig suddenly I saw all of my gig ranks are gone. Now , what can I do to re rank all of my gigs? pleases help me
  17. Hello, please let me give you an explanation about what had happened. The client wanted to see a sample. And the sample that I sent to him was an idea or concept and I never claimed it was mine. I sent him to show that such a concept could be implemented. Please un-restrict my account. So I can continue facilitating my clients. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Akhtiar
  18. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. So I signed up for my account via the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION. It skipped through the next page like an error and chose a random username for me. I did not like the username. I decided to change my email and disable the account. I went to rejoin the site with GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION and it just kept saying that my account was disabled. They've reopened my account and I made sure I changed the email on the account. I did as I had thought. Correctly. But every time I try to log in using the GMAIL LOGIN OPTION or try to rejoin the website using the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION it says either the account has been disabled or it logs me into the account with the changed email and username I do not desire. I've talked to Fiverr Customer Support about 6 times about this via email and they completely disregard what I am saying. Your customer service refuses to read what I have said in full and they give me the proper fix. So I've decided to come here to get my issue fixed. You can view an example of the failed attempts at service via one of my ticket numbers that I'll provide here. >>> #6795576 My goal, in the end, is to disable this old account from my email via the GOOGLE JOIN/LOGIN OPTION so that I can actually create a proper account with the desired username. I still have yet to understand why it never gave me the option to choose my own username. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. FYI I emailed "Frederico of Customer Support" (via this ticket number listed) the forum post and link so if it's ignored we will know who is to blame. I have gone through my emails and have decided to list the failed attempts with screenshots. Those will be posted next, to the forum. Please just fix the error. I'm tired of waiting. I've been waiting and conversing back and forth. Your customer service doesn't seem to respect my time though I have respected them thus far in spite of multiple errors and their obvious lack of reading the actual full email. It's insulting. I hope you don't treat all your patrons this way.
  19. Hi guys my old account was temporarily disabled with accusation: using non-original or copyrighted work examples, but every example I put on my gig is my original artworks, maybe this happened because I already posted them all on my other social media (Instagram and twitter). How do I fix it? I'd like to contact customer support but I can't log into my old account I also can't reply to the email sent by fiverr. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm from Morocco and I have a friend from UK. I wanted to open a new gig for her so she can narrate and do voice overs, and me clean the audios and remove background noise and manage the gig. Since she is a native English, she will provide the voice and I will work on the audio production. Is it okay to do that? is it safe? will I get banned or flagged for introducing another person on my profile? thanks
  21. Last 4 months No Order. Please suggest to me How to improve my account.
  22. Hi, I want to know how much time does Fiverr takes to review an account? My account is suspended and under review. And I'm shocked I did not get any Waring from Fiverr. I don't even know my mistake.
  23. I created my fiverr account 7 mounths ago. but not worked . and also created 2 gig that was not seo optimized , for thouse my gig not ranke. now i fully prefared for work in here. but still fiverr not giving impression i create new. so what to do now ? should i delete my account and create new one or there are any trics to do with my account ?
  24. Today, i was just scrolling the fiverr community. I saw that most of the people have reputations in thousands. Did you received any benefit of it? As like fiverr seller level, community reputation also has a benefit? Best Regards
  25. Hi, we got into a fight with one of the buyers and today our account was restricted. The problem is we're not individual freelancers, but a limited liability company with investors on board. We've convinced our investors to start selling on Fiverr, and they invested money to increase our team to be able to service requests from clients. Things were going well, we've started to generate a high five figure income (in our currency) monthly from Fiverr and started to scale our team to service Fiverr clients. We had straight 5's as our feedback, completed 14 orders, and clients really loved us. We just entered Level 1 Seller yesterday. We also started to build long term relationships. Until that one buyer came. Our investors are one of the biggest investment groups in the central and eastern Europe and they're demanding explanation from us why we were restricted, they think it's our fault. This guys won't take "we don't know" as an answer. But we really don't know what to tell them. Our corporate / investment contract says we must inform their legal team about any entities that do harm to any of the channels of distribution of our services. Do you think there's anyone in Fiverr that can fully explain to us why we were restricted that we can pass on to our investors? I'm afraid they will be escalating this issue. I've already had CEE journalists getting in touch with me why we were restricted just like that without any prior notice. We're really lost. Also, we had over 4k usd in open contracts when we were restricted. What should we do now - continue working? Stop working?
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