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  1. I have a fiverr account that is down. I want to know can I create a new account with my same NID card and My own information after delete the current one?
  2. Can 2 users from different places/cities use same fiverr account? Can me and friend (we don't have an existing prior fiverr acccount) use the same account on Fiverr as a seller? We would be using this account for our startup that we started togehter.
  3. My account is under review and support tell me that you have multiple accounts but i provide him all proofs which clearly show that u have only one account and still he tell me that you have multiple accounts. So what i do now?
  4. I got 3 warnings and my account is restricted, Is this mean my account is going to get deleted, I think because I have an open order that's why they did not delete my account. I did not know the terms of fiver , I got some useless warnings which I didn't even committed, I didn't know that asking the client for review is against policy and in one client was asking me again and again for working outside I had open order with him and then I said ok (but I never contacted him outside) and I also reported him multiple times nothing happened to him, my 3rd warning is they said I am giving restricted services, I don't know which one is restricted services, and I contacted and asked them they said you are sharing a link on gig, yes I shared a link the link was of demo app, because when clients where coming to me they always said that give me demo so that's why I added a demo app link so they can download and check it first before coming. I worked hard to build up my profile and now I don't want my account to be delete is there any way I can do that. Can I ask fiver todo the investigation for the warning of working outside, which I never did. And also for the gig link sharing warning? is there any possible way that I can prevent my account not be deleted.
  5. I want to delete this account permanently and create an account from this gmail. Can I do it? 📛 I isn’t upload any gigs or take any order
  6. Hi Fiverr community, I have a very important question: Can i sell my own Tik Tok accounts on Fiverr? Is that legit and not against Terms Of Service? If you help me with this question i will be so grateful. Thanks.
  7. I am level 2 seller and have 15+ gigs active, i have completed more than 120 orders but today when i logged into my account, i was unable to see the buyer requests on fiverr account.
  8. so I had a order in 2020 and buyer gave me 3.7 review and it effected very badly. this year I received an order and buyer gave me 5 star review. now my overall review is 4.4. the gig that has a 5 star review has a good impressions but not clicks. what should I do now . it been a month I completed that order
  9. I have a question, Deos seller run two accounts.. One as a seller and other one is for only buying purpose, On same name address with different email and fiverr id, is it legal or againts fiverr policy ? (Reason: Because if seller don't want to disclose his/her gigs to buyer.)
  10. Hello. For the past two days I have been trying to link my Facebook account to Fiverr, but it is not working. On Facebook I went to the apps and websites section and removed Fiverr, then tried it again, but the response was the same: 'Sorry, we were unable to associate the account'. I removed and granted access to Fiverr about five times on Facebook, but it didn't work. Please, is there something I am doing wrong? I linked to Twitter and it works fine. Thank you for your time.
  11. Today I received a mail stating my account is flagged for using non-original content. As best of my knowledge, I have used all screenshots taken on my laptop and even a video is also created by me. But still my account is flagged for using non-original content. I can see on fiverr it has been written that, it will take an upward of 90 days. I'm also ready to wait. But do you think it will be worth waiting? I mean, is there any possibility that I get my account back? If anyone encountered with the same situation, can I know how much time you took and what were the decision made on your account. If no one has answers to this question, then I will make sure to continue this as a thread and I will add all possible updates given by fiverr, so that if someone encounters the same situation then he/she may know how it will go. As of now, I have accepted that I will lose my account for sure. As there is one stock image which I have downloaded from the internet and fiverr is not much onto seller side. Thanks.
  12. I want to add a twitter account on Fiverr but not add a twitter account. I try many times to fix this problem But did not fix the problem. please help how to fix this problem. thank you.
  13. Hello, please let me give you an explanation about what had happened. The client wanted to see a sample. And the sample that I sent to him was an idea or concept and I never claimed it was mine. I sent him to show that such a concept could be implemented. Please un-restrict my account. So I can continue facilitating my clients. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Akhtiar
  14. Hi there, As I lost my phone and not being able to get or buy one, therefore I was thinking about some alternative method to enable my "Temporarily disabled account". Your valuable guidance will be highly appreciated.
  15. What happens if a person fiverr account gets banned permanently?
  16. Hi, The option to add a work sample is not showing when I go to deliver the order to the client. The place I marked in the 'image' is supposed to show an option where I can choose if I want to add a gig sample. Which I can turn on or off. But there is no option here on my account.
  17. Hey there, I will try to keep this civil even though that issue has been making my blood boil and I am usually as calm as it gets. I have been using Fiverr over a year, I have 43 completed gigs and my rating has been 5 stars all the way, I always go above and beyond to make sure my clients are happy with the services I provide ( 3D art ). I always follow the rules, remind people that I cannot take payments out of Fiverr, use materials I own the commercial rights to etc. Recently I had this client that came in and wanted me to work "his way". That meant that he had no clear idea of what the piece was, but that through lots of back and forth we would get to create the piece. I will skip the hell that this has put me through, I just bought that bullet and learned that I should have communicated better on that. After 50 hours of work we finally got to the final version. I deliver the files that were agreed to. Now instead of closing the gig, he asked me for the 3D source files of the project. Until that point we had never agreed to me sharing these files if I were to finalize the gig. I tend to not share them as they contain all of my workflow, and if I do I charge 25% of the gig. But because I refused to deliver them right there and now with the final piece, he reported my account, and to my ( burnt out ) minds surprise, Fiverr immediately gave him reason. 50 hours of work, unpaid, my account freezes and I cannot message people. It has been 5 days and no one in the support is getting back to me. I have very clear proofs that the situation happened as I am explaining it, everything is written in our messages. How do I proceed to fix this mess ? Again this has been over a year of work playing by the rules and getting treated that way has been really rough. If anyone has been in a similar situation feel free to share. Thanks.
  18. I want to create one more fiver account for one of my family members and it is for a different purpose... to sell something different. How can I do that?
  19. Good evening, I'm from Ukraine! Friends, please help solve my problem, because of the war in my country I do not have enough money. My account was disabled six months ago, and only now I have access to withdraw funds from the account, after which my account will be closed forever! I did not break fiverr rules! They say that they support Ukraine, but these are empty words! Tell me how to act in my situation. Thank you!
  20. My account was temporarily disabled during verification and I have a pending order please how can I get my account back to work
  21. Hello! My name is Rootvik Aahooja. I'm from India. When I tried to use my name in username field it gave "security" error. It seems any username with the word "root" anywhere in the username is not allowed which is pretty unusual. I understand blocking "root" but why to block "rootvik12" or something? I am not aware of any other website which does this. I've created this temp account just to report this. Please fix this so that I can create a real account with my desired username. Thanks!
  22. i used my identity card and i have only 17 then immediately fiverr stopped my account is there any chance i can get back my account
  23. If I use VPN on my pc is it will hamper my Fiverr account?
  24. hi, i created a fiverr account years ago using "sign with google account" please help me to change my athentification from using "sign with google" to sign with "email and password"
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