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  1. Hey! I received a message a few hours ago from a potential client. He made me an offer but I can't reply to his message. Probably because he established his unavailability as a seller. And to the right of the name, there is a clock that warns me that I should reply to the message in less than 20 hours. From what I've seen from other people who have experienced the same problem, the response rate has been affected. What could I do in this situation? PS: I made a ticket and here is their response: Hi Andrei, Hope this mail finds you well. Thank you for contacting us. My name is TJ from Fiverr customer support. I understand you are concerned regarding your statistics being affected. Upon checking, I can see that the user to whom you are referring is not affecting your response rate and your response rate is 100%. I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further assistance. kind regards, For now it has not affected my response rate, but it will probably happen at the next evaluation, which is on February 15. And to be honest, I don't want to lose the level 1 (almost level 2) status that I worked for, because of a bug. In addition, the clock to the right of the customer's name turned red. He warns me that I should answer him in less than 6 hours. I read in the policy that in case of spam and solicitations I should report the message because that way it won't affect my statistics, which I did, but it seems that that clock is still there. So what should I do?
  2. I opened a Fiverr account in Bangladesh but my location shows Kiribati, what should I do now? Can this account be used?
  3. im trying to setup my first gig and its saying Requirements meta data options count should be between 2 and 10 but all the metadata is fine !
  4. I have been learning digital marketing for the past few months. I have opened an account on fiver since 14/15 days ago. I gave the gig at fiverr. No order or message is coming. Giving beef at fiverr but not taking any beef. They are rejecting all the beef fiverr I gave them. Now what do I do?
  5. hi Why don't my briefs come? No notification for many days. My forehead gets worse since the update.
  6. We two sisters are going to work with Fiverrs in the same category. Although, we have two PC's, but the WiFi connection is one or same. Could it be some kind of problem?
  7. I've been trying to make a gig and for the last step it keeps giving me this message: Does anyone know how to fix this? I've even tried switching browsers.
  8. Hi everyone. I am facing a problem with my online status. Despite being online in Fiverr mobile app and on the desktop, when I check my profile and my gigs I am not shown as I am online. I am facing a serious dip in my orders and my impressions for the past 2 months because of this. someone, please suggest a solution for this problem.
  9. How to protect eyes while sitting on the screen (Do Freelancing)for a long time. NOte: Without Use Glasses.
  10. Who did Such an Unmark show? I do not understand. please anybody help me?
  11. Hello, I can't upload profile picture on my profile. It just does not work, I see loading and then nothing happens, I can try again and again the profile picture is not uploaded. I tried different browsers (I'm using chrome), I tried clearing catche, I have no idea what might be wrong. Have any of you had such a problem and know how to solve it?
  12. I have 5 stars in coomunication 5 in would recommend and 4 in service as described. but my overall score is 4.3 as it should be 4.6 need help as i am unable to send offers to buyer requests
  13. Will The 90% problem Get Disappear after The Next evaluation. So That I Can Send offers To Buyers Requests.
  14. Hlo so i got a review of 4.6 stars and it is showing you must have 90% positive reviews. i cannt send offers to buyer requests. PLZ HELP !!
  15. Description contains excessive use of the terms: website this error is showing how to resolve this ??? when i am trying to complete the Description
  16. Hi Everyone, It's been 6 years of journey in Fiverr. But I have a suggestion that may be helpful for sellers. I noticed that sometimes buyers buy gigs without contacting or understanding the project details. They don't see the gig details properly so the amount of work with payment differ a lot. At that time the only way for sellers is to cancel the job. But if you cancel the rating of Order completion will be decreased a lot that affects seller level. My suggestion is to please include a facility for the seller to accept/reject the task whenever a buyer purchases without contact. So both seller and buyer can understand about the task can be complete or not. I hope this will be very helpful for sellers to maintain level. Thank you
  17. I have created 3 gigs but they are not showing in the search though they are many days older , Can anyone help me ,
  18. Hey everyone, when I first created my gig, the revisions feature existed in the price section but all of a sudden it just disappeared, do you have any idea about this problem guys. Thanks in advance!2af40108-7b9e-48a6-a710-b757cb933ab9.pdf
  19. My Fiverr account did not show any buyer requests. Currently, the order is very low. Please help me What should I do?😥
  20. Hello, I live in the United States and recently (maybe past two weeks) I have been unable to purchase anything from Indonesia. I use PayPal as I do not have a credit/debit card. This only seems to be affecting orders from sellers in Indonesia, any other country it works fine. I was wondering if anybody else is having this issue and what I can do to resolve it. Thanks!
  21. Is it no longer possible to withdraw your money if you're from Russia? Payoneer and PayPal both have stopped working 😞
  22. To make a long story short, a while ago, I had made a purchase of several hundred dollars. Not satisfied with the result, I was reimbursed and I could not get the money back, it had to be used for other purchases. Okay. I made several small purchases over time and even sold some services. Today, with the notification that asks me to check my account, otherwise I won't be able to make any more purchases, I contacted the support team to know what my different options were since I won't be able to make any more purchases, nor withdraw the amount that is blocked and reserved for said purchases. In response, I received emails that did not help at all, telling me that in case of a refund, the amount would appear in my account within 48 hours. To immediately discover that the remaining balance of several hundred dollars from the beginning had disappeared. Only the balance of my sales remains. I replied to their email asking what was going on and why the money had just been erased from the account without leaving any trace of the transaction. Since that moment, no answer at all. Now, what can I do to hope to get that money back?
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