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  1. Since he is a website designer also. Is there a problem if he opens an account as a website designer and provides two types of services? Like logo design & website design (Both)
  2. It is very important to know the correct information about a topic: I have been working on graphics design in Fiverr for 1 year. Now my cousin who is with me also wants to start working as a graphic designer by opening a new Fiverr ID. Since there is only one WiFi line at my home, I want to know, Now what problem occurs if two people work on fiverr with same wifi line? Have any solution? How we can safely use our account?
  3. The buyer gave me the order to make a catalogue something like an Australian passport.Not same. Where he will have business information. Now the order is complete he forgot to remove the mockup when he gives the review. Now he says to remove it from my portfolio. What can I do now? Please help. 😭 Feeling sad. please fiverr help.. It's not my fault.. 😭😭 Don't punish me.
  4. Welcome to fiverr forum… …
  5. Welcome to fiverr forum… Best of luck for your upcoming success…
  6. Thanks for sharing this… This post helpful for identify fake buyers…
  7. Thanks for your advice… I will follow them…
  8. Thank you so much for your advice… I will must follow what you say… Thanks again. But One ques, Those dots I didn’t put… 😶
  9. Thank you so much for your valuable tips… But one ques I am a level one seller so how can I improve my gig right now? Can you check my gig once again please…
  10. Welcome to fiverr forum… Please keep patient and work hard. Share your gig on social media …
  11. I have been suffering from this problem for last 3/4 months. I made some new gig but there was no response. I can’t find the problem in my gig. No new client’s order is coming. I also couldn’t give time these few months on fiverr. Also buyer requests have not been sent for many days. Now I want to know: How the order will come to my gig again?What do I need to improve on my gig? Fiverr.com athoi123's public profile on FiverrHello, My name is Nisat Tabassum Athoi. I am a Creative Designer. Basically, I'm an illustrator and Photoshop expert & particularly passionate about my work. I have skills in making Logo design, Business card, Brochure, Flyer, web banner, Book...
  12. Welcome here… And all the best for your fiverr journey…😁
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