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How many Orders One can get in day

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Hi All,

Got my first work yesterday 🙂

Wanted to know how many orders can one generally get in a day or a week.


Wanted to know how many orders can one generally get in a day or a week.

There’s no limit. You can get 1000 orders, if you are lucky. The question is, can you handle that???

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With your data entry gigs specifying an amount of hours you work, that’s going to put a limit on the amount you could deliver per day (unless you had a team/were outsourcing) even if you could in theory have many orders coming in per day.

eg. in one of your data entry gigs it has 3 hours set for the amount of time worked. If that was the only gig that would limit the orders to 8 per day if you worked 3 hours on them and worked 24 hours a day.

To deliver many per day you’d probably need gigs where you don’t specify the amount of hours spent on each order. I expect there’s some limit Fiverr sets in some way though (though it could be less if it’s a team - the seller that seems to have the most reviews has a team).

I expect the max you could get per day is somewhere around 100 orders.

Maybe to find how many orders the average seller gets per day/week maybe a poll could be created for it.
I think Fiverr might have given info on the amount of transactions made so that might give a rough idea.

edit: My guess is an avg. of 43 orders delivered per day (consistent average) is a rough limit/max. ie. it’s probably not possible to deliver more than that currently without a big enough team or some type of automation.

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