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  1. Congratulations!!! best wishes for you
  2. @sabuj_gfx say good suggestion. Follow his instruction hope your issue fix.
  3. Nice feeling that I feel. and best wishes to gain again
  4. No worry. Be patience and wishes to got order as soon
  5. great feeling and keep it up and wishes to got more order in future
  6. nice feeling on 1st order. best of luck to your fiverr journey
  7. That great and suggestion to stay online more time send buyer request . best wishes to you fiverr jouney.
  8. wow!!! congratulation bro
  9. Wow!!! I hopy that feeling are Not to be forgotten
  10. I cancel an order before 15 days then I saw my completion rate was 83%. After one day later I saw, completion rate 80%. after 2 days later I saw 75%. then I got an order and completed. When I completed an order then I see order completion rate increase 80%. Wow that nice. But Today I see the order completion rate is 75%. I don't know, why up and down order completion rate ? Experience man give me suggestion.
  11. When your planning is ready then the perfect time to publish
  12. @sk_moniwrite good. You should following and hope you will get order as soon. Best wishes and wishes to best fiverr journey
  13. Welcome to fiverr and best wishes to u
  14. Send buyer request perfectly. Hope you will get message as soon.
  15. You are welcome. Stay forum and i hope, you will get all information as you need.
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