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For those with Featured Gigs, how did you get featured? [ARCHIVED]


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I have been on Fiverr for a year and sell a lot of gigs, but I do not remember my gigs ever begin featured and it is starting to bother me now. Fiverr customer support keeps saying that featured gigs need to get a lot of exposure and traffic and mine do. I see others getting featured that I don’t believe how they would even get traffic.

On the Customer Support contact form, there is a menu item “Can my gig be featured”. Do people fill out that form?

So, what did you do to get featured?
Did you use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter?
If you did use social media, where on those social networks did you promote your gigs?

What other methods did you use? Also, does Fiverr send you an email notification when your gig has been featured?


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I am featured but I have a very specific niche I write in and there are very few that offer the same type of gig. I did not ask or lobby to be considered and I was featured when I was level one. I did tweak my gig and video just before being featured however. I have maintained a 100% percent rating, without any disputes or forced cancellations. I always send a thank you note to a buyer, which says, “thank for the order and I am getting started on it”.

I feel it is important to acknowledge a buyers’ order so they realize someone is on the other end. I have heard from some of my buyers that they do not hear from some sellers until the order is delivered and that irks them.

I always send a draft copy before I deliver so the buyer can review the work and ask for any changes. This allows them to be part of the process, because after all they are paying for the work, and I always tell them even after delivery I can still make changes. I know some may feel this could be a never-ending situation, but it has served me well and I have only one take me up on the offer.

I promote on my blog, which of course is relevant to what I do on Fiverr.

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Keep in mind being featured doesn’t mean more sales. I kept asking to be featured and they just told me they’ll have the editor review my gig. After I stopped trying, I got featured. They do send you a notification. The only promoting I did was on facebook & craigslist. That particular gig has 100% feedback, was the only one of its kind, and I usually delivered within hours.

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Hot Web Ideas.

This is my opinion and far from official…

First, I do think that fiverr has secret buyers. I believe I caught that before my gig was featured, Fiverr bought it to see the experience.

Second, I do think the idea of “get lots of traffic” is not what you may think it means.

So take for example. the testimonial from the “Bag Man” or the guy who jumps around in a Hot Dog outfit.

That get’s “traffic” not in the way you seem to be taking it, but in the way that it generates BUZZ.

…the Bag Man? Really?

Remember, because the price of many Fiverrs (and certainly initially) was basically $5 - Bucks. It’s less than the price of a “quality” holiday card at retail prices. Consequently, people will be like… I know, I’m going to send the Bag Man to my buddy…It’ll be a riot.

Or more simply, someone puts it on the facebook to make “fun of it” or to ask, "Why is this getting hundreds of buyers?"

It’s a conversation piece.

That generates LOTS of traffic.

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