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  1. amirbeno, thank you. I see that I have 7 altogether. Is there a way to filter my Orders page to show only the sales from promoted gigs? Bruce
  2. I cannot find this in any of the explanations of how promoted gigs work. It looks like Promoted Gigs page only tells you the benefits and hype, but does not really have a FAQs section which would help sellers understand them better. So, I have 5 promoted gig sales and it tells how much we spent and earned, but now that number has done down to 3. I already made 5 sales and I don’t think Fiverr will take them back, so since it shows only 3 promoted gig sales, I am thinking it only shows the past 30 days. I thought it was cumulative forever, but I guess not. Has this happened to other sellers and does anyone know the answer?
  3. So, yesterday, I logged into my seller account and saw “Oh Dear! Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity” which alarmed me, because I have delivered my orders on time in the last 30 days. I honestly did now know which order I delivered late. I emailed Fiverr customer support and was told “Hope all is well. Sorry about this inconvenience. We are aware of this visual glitch and our team is working to fix this issue. Your account will not be affected by this.” So, if this also happened to your seller account yesterday, unless you delivered late, not to worry. Bruce
  4. It works on any order with “Funds Pending Clearance” in the column titled “For” no matter how many stars. I have a rating of 4.3-star and the option is still available. Bruce
  5. I agree. Top buyers should have the same rules as top sellers. If sellers are supposed to make a certain amount of sales to reach a level, then buyers should be required to purchase a certain amount before getting awarded the crown. Fortunately, all of my top buyers so far are great.
  6. Nice job, Emmy! I have been on Fiverr for almost 7 years and love it. My story is the opposite of yours. My wife told me about it. LOL
  7. I tried to deliver a file to a buyer and the attachment form is gone. Has anyone else experienced this and know why it is gone for the moment? Bruce
  8. Well said @fonthaunt. On a side note, I was on this forum in 2010 to 2013 when it had other admins and moderators (madmoo, oldbittygrandma, ozzy etc) and the forum was totally different than it is now and they used to announce the number of posts from each Fiverr member. At one time, I was the 3rd highest poster, but it seems that the forum is moderated by new people. Also, the topics are organized differently. I have not posted much in the last two years, but when I came onto the new community team and made that initial announcement last week, I felt attacked by certain people who mistook me for a Fiverr employee. That is my fault LOL. I guess I was not clear, but I do not work for Fiverr. Not only is this forum structure and admins new, the regulars are new. Some of the regulars of the curent forum attacked me last week and I realized that it is just the way they talk on the forum in general, so I can accept that (I will probably get slammed for that last attack). Ok, I am once again the new kid on the block… I do have a couple of popular posts on this forum from 3 to 4 years ago LOL Anyway, to get back to the topic at hand: You deliver ASCII files and that explains it all. Most files are obviously not ASCII and binary files are always capable of containing viruses. Since I am a musician, I trade MP3s with other Fiverr sellers and buyers, so I worry about viruses which is where I came from. I agree with you 100% that Customer Support is well-oiperated, but it was not always like that. It seems in the beginning that they were all robots with the canned responses and I hated that, but understood that they needed to do that because of the constant influx of inquiries. Now, it seems that they are more personable, so that’s great. Keep up the good work, @fonthaunt. Bruce
  9. >>>>Then still of course you get people who just click without reading the TOS, but Some websites make you scroll down to the bottom of the terms and conditions where they bury the “Agree” checkbox inside a textbox, so there is no way people can click without first having those ToS in front of them. I think Amazon does it.
  10. I want to add to what @miiila said. Fiverr changes the ToS often and does not always communicate the changes, so we need to read them often to stay up to date. If we break the terms, CS wont care if we were not informed. It is our responsibility to stay up to date.
  11. As long as you have the app running, other members can see that you are online and think you may respond quickly to them.
  12. I have been doing that for years, especially when Fiverr has a file size limit on uploads. If a buyer’s attachment is too big, then we have no choice but to use a file sharing tool.
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