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  1. Hi everyone. Almost 2 months ago my account was suspended, if you would like to know why you can read the story here After 8 years on Fiverr it now comes to an end I was told my account is now under review to decide if its a perma ban or not. Its been almost 2 months now and I was just wondering if anyone has ever been un suspended before and how long does it usually take to get a verdict. Thank you
  2. That’s TRUE!! If a seller has sent a deadline extension request, Fiverr should give 24 hrs to the buyer to either accept or reject else should mention it to the buyer that if the buyer fails to respond then it should be automatically extended. At-least this will prevent such cancellation that are related to buyer being unresponsive. good example of this. buyer says he will let me know when he can play. 2 days past ive yet to hear from him and the order is now 16 hrs late. ive also sent a extended time request too
  3. No, it doesn’t unless you are already late. most times when they dont reply theyre not going to reply to the extended time aswell
  4. This was an empty delivery. When the buyer didn’t showed up or played with you, the best thing for you was to extend the delivery time. The loophole that I can think of is that your order requirements was not so strong for a buyer. Maybe you should have added in the order requirements that "What is the best time to play with you? and then should have provided various options to choose from. Secondly, You should have checked the buyer’s history too. Maybe because the buyer has no previous working history made you panic? But in the end: Rules are rules and they need to be followed. In my requirements I asked for Their name on the game and a good time to play
  5. i agree with this. Because even if you send the extended time request and the order is late it still can get canceled if the buyer doesnt accept the extended time
  6. to be honest i completely forgot about the warnings at the time because i was so focused on not being late 😦
  7. Whelp… After a solid 8 years on fiverr, everything I have worked so hard for has now ended… Yes I will admit it’s my own fault for why im now banned but I just want to give a back story incase any of you ever run into this situation so you will know what to do. Time Frame: 2012 - The beginning of my fiverr journey. I began offering graphic design work as i just got out of college taking graphic design. I worked hard making sure every client was happy with the work and eventually i became a top rated seller. I was so excited and i felt like i was on top of the world. 2016 - I was still continuing to do fiverr and at this point i was doing it fulltime. Around the end of the year is when I had to take a step back because i could no longer keep up with all the orders i was getting and deal with some real life situations so i decided to take 2 years away from fiverr. 2018 - I slowly began to make a come back and started offering a new service where I would get people wins in the video game Fortnite. This is where i ran into an issue. When I started this gig I noticed a bunch of other people offering the same service. What I did not know was offering wins in a video game is against TOS. i’ve still yet to find this actually in the tos but support says its there. This was my first warning. 2019 - Support told me offering Coaching instead of wins is allowed so i started back up again but this time now offering coaching on Fortnite. Everything was going good, people were loving it and with only alittle over a month I had 60+ Happy clients. Offering coaching is a different kind of way on fiverr. Normally when you finish a order you have something to send to the client for proof. For coaching the proof for me was by playing with the client in the video game. My thought to this was I did not need to submit anything in the delivery because the client already knew it was completed so i would just simply send a thank you for your order and asking them to give a review on what they thought of it. This is where I received my 2nd warning as fiverr said i needed to provide valid proof showing I finished the work. So then I started taking pictures of them being in my game for proof. A few days ago is when I received my final warning and was banned for good. This last warning was all on me. Basically what happened was, I had a client order coaching, i asked him when he would like to play but did not get a reply from him. The order timer was coming due and i started to panic because I didn’t want to receive a late cancellation or my on time delivery to go down. I know I could have sent an extended time request but i thought because hes not already answering me about when he wants to play, hes not going to answer the extended time request. I then sent the delivery to him and in the delivery i stated that we could continue to play once he gave me a time to meet. This is where i messed up. I then received a warning for this and my account banned… It sucks knowing everything you worked hard for is now gone because of one mistake… fiverr was also my only income so now im jobless… Ive tried to reach out to support but was basically told there was nothing that can be done.
  8. Just curious to see how long people have been using fiverr for and where did you hear it from? Me i started fiverr back in 2012 and heard about it from a classmate
  9. We’re sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly. Im getting this when trying to look at my orders and now im going to be late on about 5 of them!
  10. Please help promote this gig 🙂 Thank you http://fiverr.com/shawnecannon/design-you-a-professional-and-attractive-website-banner-or-header-for-only
  11. Reply to @twistedweb123: oh, I was just going by what fiverr told me when i applied for TRS
  12. Reply to @mike719: I read gigs like these dont become trs because alot of people offer them
  13. I don’t usually get much spam thankfully
  14. No you cannot do this unless you use your paypal and link your debit card to your paypal
  15. Reply to @yujinha: It puts your gig at the top of the page giving it more exposure
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