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Advice from a 500+ Buyer


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Well, I just celebrated my 500th purchase. For me, Fiverr has become an effective mechanism to help me market my small business. While there’s lots of tips for sellers, here’s my top-10 for buyers:

#1) Don’t expect miracles. No matter what the description says, nobody is going to build an entire website, do a full production commercial, or write a full and expert-level article. Certainly, some sellers describe their gig with the slick marketing language of a real-estate ad, but no matter what you read, stay realistic. After Fiverr takes its cut, the seller has a small amount of money (time) to work with.

#2) Ask questions before ordering. Want to irritate a seller? Buy the gig first, and then ask all of the pertinent questions after.

#3) Provide an opportunity to rectify. These sellers live and die on their feedback, so be sensitive to that. If a seller didn’t deliver as promised, clearly state the issue and provide one good-faith effort to make right (most sellers will do so). Don’t leave negative feedback as part of an emotional reaction.

#4) Be prompt. Don’t order a gig, and then sit on it, not providing the needed details for the seller to get started.

#5) Be specific. Think of yourself as the executive chef, and the seller as the sous-chef. It’s your job to compose the recipe, and then then sous-chef actually crafts the product from the recipe you specified.

#6) Leave feedback promptly. For good feedback, it’s like applause to a musician.

#7) Don’t cancel - it hurts their ratio. One time, I bought a gig, and then wasn’t able to deliver the material, so I cancelled the gig. Then, I saw how the cancellation automatically left negative feedback. I still feel bad about that one.

#8) Don’t trust the flags. Whenever you see the nationality flag, that seems to be more of a suggestion than a rule. I’ve chatted with sellers with US and Canadian flags, masked as sellers in Pakistan and India.

#9) Make sure you understand the release rights. When someone creates an image, video, or sound file, do they still own copyrights to it, and are just licensing it to you, or do you own it?

#10) Understand how popular your model is. For instance, I’ve seen the same pretty YouTube model providing reviews for plumbers, skin care products, trip recommendations, BBQ sauce, and so on. So, using that same model for your review…well, isn’t exactly going to come off as totally authentic.

Bonus #11) Be creative! Some of these gigs are really innovative and fun. I’ve gotten custom love songs written, my message displayed all over the world, mock Marilyn Monroe breathlessly singing me happy birthday, and so on. For a measly $5, it’s one hell of a hoot!

Sheriff’s Note: This post is very helpful and some good comments and kind thank-you’s have been posted throughout. No further responses are needed so this thread is now closed. Good luck with your purchases and sales!

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Guest logodesigns01

Every buyer needs to be like you! i face faced a buyer who took the work and told he got he wanted but he then posted negative feedback??? any reason ??? i don’t know!

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Guest mahamudul129

Thank you very for this post…

I think this create awareness in case of ordering a gig for many buyer…

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