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  1. @buyerr Hi and welcome. We are Buyers and Sellers just like you, and cannot answer your question. The Forum is not a replacement for Fiverr Support. Please contact Support. http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. @edwardsands Hi and welcome. Use the Forum Search Function and enter the four following phrases; Seller Start Up Basics Guide: How to Create and Promote your gigs Three simple principles to become a great seller! Good Communication is Key to Success
  3. I didn’t quit my job, because what I do on Fiverr is my job. Fiverr helped me climb out of rough period in my life after a traumatic accident. For 18 months, I couldn’t drive which meant I couldn’t travel for auditions or jobs. I couldn’t even use a mouse or a keyboard. Recording and editing was not possible. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do many of the things I used to do. After 18 months of physical therapy and hiatus from the voice over industry, Fiverr gave me an opportunity to get back into the voice over business. Fiverr helped me reinvent my business.
  4. @mjgenius You can’t. Input “How to change country” in the search function and read the wide range of threads on this subject.
  5. @puihang Look under SHOPPING > My Shopping. You see columns and a drop down. Is the delivery there? Possibly waiting for your review?
  6. Reply to @benandbeatrice: Search “username” in the Search Function. (without quotes)
  7. @virtual_girl Another post lifted from a source outside of Fiver is not needed here. If you have something original and helpful, we’d love to read it. Otherwise please keep this Forum as place for Users to share information, tips and ideas, NOT a place to plagiarize and post stolen information from blogs and sources outside of Fiverr.
  8. Seller Start Up Basics Mod Note: The links that were posted here in 2014 were no longer functional and were removed. Please check the Tips for Sellers forum for new posts if looking for suggestions.
  9. No minimum. You can withdraw $4, $40 or $400 from your "Cleared" funds. You are "paid" only when you initiate a transfer to PayPal, and then pull the funds out of PayPal
  10. @espeonite How long for delivered order to Clear? Upon delivery, orders take 0 to 3 days to “Complete” (3rd day is auto-complete). Once “Complete”, it takes another 14 days for funds to “Clear”. So funds “Clear” and are “Available” in 14 to 17 days. – You cannot connect your PayPal until you have funds “Available”.
  11. Reply to @kuntalghosh: MP4 seems to work best.
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