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  1. The tip will not show up in the same clearrance line with the original order because they didn’t happen in the same transaction. So you will find another $4 line.
  2. Fiverr will keep the money in your account balance until you ask for a withdraw.
  3. I don’t have these changes and this new dashboard you are talking about, this is why I’m asking for a screenshot.
  4. A screenshot to understand and see the new design you are talking about?
  5. Hello everybody, Anyone noticing the new option added by Fiverr? In your gig page, every buyer review has the buyer country flag under his name.
  6. Most people are following this tip, I sometime deliver in less than 30min and with the finest standard and quality of work. And not for a year or two, but for 9 years. But the fiverr algo is more than that.
  7. Still Low, very low. This week is my Fiverr anniversary and for 9 years, I never experienced a very bad month like this one.
  8. Yes, Since July 1st, zero orders and only few messages. It’s really dead slow.
  9. It’s really confusing, someone from Fiverr management should take a break and think deeply to fix all these before coming with new things.
  10. Hello, My last 5 orders are all autocompleted without me taking action after the three days window. Is it a bug or what?
  11. I have someone since October 01, 2016. Tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary 😂
  12. I think that the question should be about what you actually can do and you excel at, not about trending topics. What if drawing is the most lucratif business here, but you can’t draw? Otherwise, welcome to fiverr and all the best.
  13. You are somehow right, but it’s a %. Those numbers was just an example to explain my idea. Lets take someone with 4 orders. He will still have 100% right? Lets say after few days and within the 60 days range, he has 4 orders, so its 3 completed and 1 cancelled, his rate will 75%. So 149 out of 150 is 99.3%. 29 out 30 is 96.6% Even if its one order in both cases, the effect is not the same. So maybe 149 out of 150 is not 100% but as you said 1 out of 200 is rounded up to 100%. Or even anything above 99 is 100. And that was the idea. Secondly, as I said, it was just speculation, because the OP didn’t share other data with us. And this is why I talked about the 24hours thing too.
  14. The rate doesn’t always change after a cancellation. Lets say someone has 150 orders, and cancelled one, the rate of 1 out 150, is always 100%. You can do a ratio calculation between how many completed orders and cancelled one you have in the last 60 days, and maybe one order has no big effect after doing the maths. Another reason, is the system may take time to update your rates.
  15. Try to delete your cache, sometimes the button stay greyed because of a CSS issue.
  16. Always use a tool like grammarly to check for errors before contacting a client. All the best.
  17. Well, that’s my case also. And seems they are forcing us to split big-medium size orders into smaller ones to compensate. It is an intrusive measure. Most buyers will not accept to spilt their orders, to avoid the new fees…
  18. Yes, but old and running orders will not be affected.
  19. It is a pity as I actually see co-working spaces as a niche area where Fiverr could directly market itself. Later this year I am moving to a new country where my accommodation and airport pick up is being organized by the co-working space I will be using there. I personally find co-working quite intimidating, mainly because of the reputation Fiverr has and co-workers themselves often being a bit pretentious. However, just think what a powerful marketing tool co-working spaces could be for Fiverr from a direct marketing perspective. Fiverr could work with co-working spaces to advertise and create a hub for freelancers who are travelling and need to know where and how to find the best place to workBy and large, co-working spaces are used by people who charge Pro rates and work on the ground with leading local brandsConjuring favor with such groups would be marketing dynamite. Instead, moves like that mentioned in the OP directly deter at least the freelancers I know in real-life from ever taking Fiverr seriously. Yes, co-workers space is a marketing goldmine. But again, no one at Fiverr HQ seems to try to improve the community, they are just trying to invent new wheels. I feel like the Fiverr new motto is like : let’s punish them all for being loyal.
  20. What you are describing is something every reputable seller will have huge problems with. People with multiple gigs and gigs in different niches (like myself) now look like complete newbies. One way to counter this would be to aggressively market gigs but what would be the point? As well as not being able to handle 1 sale per day on each gig, this would only ever result in a total of 60 reviews. (Which buyers will still assume are lifetime review numbers) People who will benefit from this change will be Fiverr sellers who farm out orders to others and/or sell easy to deliver pre-packaged services like Google translate translations, third party sourced logos, videos, graphic design templates, and spun web content In the latter case, this is exactly the kind of seller behavior which undermines competing Fiverr platforms. This is why barely anyone uses those. People just sell junk. Also, leveraging junk sellers in this way has further implications: Professional freelancers know how important it is to build up their own brand and reputation score. Showing reviews from just the past 60-days WILL drive away sellers. However, Fiverr will also start attracting FEWER professional freelancers and MORE of the kind of people who use copycat Fiverr marketplaces. This will happen and will drive down trust in Fiverr even further Even die hard sellers who might stick with Fiverr out of pure loyalty, will now have to seriously consider whether investing in paid advertising and bringing off-Fiverr clients to Fiverr is worthwhile. Not being able to build up your reputation will mean that even the most faithful sellers will now start making a net loss when it comes to ROI when marketing their Fiverr services As a result of the two factors above, quality of deliveries on Fiverr will start to fall and this will get noticed immediately by buyers. This will undermine trust in Fiverr and lead to fewer sales across the board As far as trust goes, I am one of the sellers who feels personally betrayed by Fiverr with this move. In my local co-working space, I was looked on as a black sheep for using Fiverr. Fiverr’s existing reputation is really that low. However, on several occasions I defended the platform. - Basically, by saying: “No, it’s a myth everyone has to sell services at $5 and no, Fiverr isn’t just full of scammers.” Now what do I say? How can I faithfully recommended Fiverr to buyers when Fiverr purposefully makes it difficult for them to buy from reputable sellers. (Unless they cough up $100 - $5000). And how on Earth can I ever advocate Fiverr to freelancers when Fiverr does everything it can to limit their visible reputability? Whoever thought of this and whoever told them it was a good idea, needs escorting out of Fiverr HQ and put on a plane to a place as far away from the freelance world as humanly possible. I second that, you are 100% right. I introduced Fiverr to many freelancers, but I’m not sure if it worths it anymore…
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