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  1. Hi @waqarakram007 I’m not offering advice here but from what i’ve read, Fiverr income is classed as “Out of scope” because Fiverr is a business customer outside of the EU. The current compulsory VAT registration threshold figure is sales in excess of £85000 in any twelve month period. You disregard sales that are “Out of scope”, therefore Fiverrs “Out of scope” income will not itself trigger compulsory VAT registration. @waqarakram007 as a Chartered accountant could you explain why this is incorrect? Thanks for any help you can provide. Sources (another chartered accountant): https://www.vgwoodhouse.co.uk/bookkeeping-and-vat-topics/services-outside-scope-vat.htm https://www.vgwoodhouse.co.uk/bookkeeping-and-vat-topics/vat-registration.htm
  2. Hi Tom, I use Crunch accountants, and it was whomever I spoke with there (it’s a team of people so I couldn’t give you a name) who confirmed this work was out of scope. I believe this is because of the geographical location of Fiverr, but also because of the portal method of operating, explained in the link below. GOV.UK VAT rules for supplies of digital services to consumers in the EUFind out about the VAT place of supply rules if your business sells digital services to private consumers in the EU. Unfortunately, the whole ‘portal’ way of working is still quite new to some accountants, especially the more old-school. Crunch are good as they’re much more up to date with how the world works now, but they’re not the cheapest. Could be worth having a chat with them though. Fantastic! Thanks for this, i’ll check them out. Tom
  3. Hi there @cubittaudio Are you selling from the UK? It’s become apparent my past 12 months earnings through Fiverr are over the £85k VAT threshold. Working through an online marketplace seems to be confusing a lot of accountants. Do you have any source to prove this income is “Out of scope”? Do you have a UK accountant that understands this that you could refer me too? Thanks in advance! Tom
  4. I also believe the push for pro sales is the reason for this.
  5. I can only see 2 FAQ submissions on your gig pages. Spend some time to add more and recieve less questions. Magic! Also, see inbox enquiries as a way to sell more to cover the time spent answering the enquiry. Tom
  6. A year or 2 ago when vacation mode was first introduced it was a little hit and miss. Ive just come back from 2 week holiday with my gigs in vacation mode and sales have returned to almost exactly as they where before. Extending your lead time to 10 days for a 7 day holiday would also work if you can stay on top of messages. Enjoy!
  7. Ofcourse if your pricing yourself at $5 then your traffic will be looking for $5 gigs. Price higher and the traffic you receive will have larger budgets for better quality work.
  8. Raising your base price will help you put more quality into each order and raise your orders completed. How many negative reviews are you refunding a week? This can also be solved by raising your price. Tom
  9. Out of curiosity. What is your cancellation rate? Congrats on the order total but you should be more concered with quality over quantity if you wish to become a top rated seller. I don’t think that’s possible with 5 dollar gigs in the logo design category. Tom
  10. I’ve also noticed the same thing - i thought it was because i made changes to my gig. Its totally destroyed sales for me. I was previously on top/2nd row for AVG rating in the social media cat. I’m now nowhere to be found.
  11. Work on getting top rated first 🙂 and for design start raising your prices
  12. Reply to @daemuse: May i suggest contacting support to explain your situation 🙂 Tom
  13. Reply to @manikmunna: Hello! I think your gigs are nicely put together. My only couple of recommendations would be to improve the typography for the gig thumbnail on your main gig and also look at getting a quality sales video produced. Tom
  14. Hey Fazal 🙂 I’d like to recommend going through your gig thumbnails and making sure that you own the rights to use those images. Your 40 High CPC gig uses “Jennifer Aniston” as the main thumbnail. Tom
  15. Reply to @techleaders: Hello there 🙂 Here are some quick changes you could do right now to improve your gig. • Add space to sentence on your profile " I provide High quality work and upto100% client satisfaction." - space between “upto100%” • Remove icons from your thumbnail images that have not been designed yourself - it looks very “copy & paste” right now. • Generally improve your design skills - the work you show does not look like it comes from a “degree holder in Graphics Designing”. If that statement isn’t true, you should remove. • Add more videos to your gigs. Your best rated gig uses video. • Don’t call your buyers “dumb” in your feedback responses - it shows lack of respect to prospective clients • I see you offer a gig selling Amazon reviews, im not sure this is allowed. Good luck! Tom
  16. Reply to @arsalanjilani: Just to confirm. Spam messages that are inaccessible do not count towards your response rate 🙂 Tom
  17. Reply to @hamza_k: Hi there 🙂 You need to add some personality to your gigs - try to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Use an image of yourself as your avatar, create a video of yourself presenting your gig. This will no doubt boost your sales and take you closer towards becoming a super seller. Currently, your buyers don’t know who they are buying from. Good luck! Tom
  18. Reply to @divergents: Get a video up asap my friend! 🙂 After i put a video on my gig my sales went crazy! Tom
  19. Hey @arsalanjilani Spam messages are something that we all deal with. Fiverr are aware and actively looking to reduce these. Im pretty sure these messages do not count towards your response rate but i’ll double check now, if it does i’m sure it shouldn’t so should be fixed soon. I’ll edit this when i find out. Remember the response rate is on a rolling 30 day cycle meaning you will be able to get back to that golden 100% 🙂 Mine is currently 99% and i’m sure ive responded to every message. Bear with them, i think they’re still tweaking things. Just remember we are all on the same playing field! 🙂 Keep going at the quality Arsalan and there is no doubt an editor will pick you be a TRS one day 🙂 It took me a good year to received my badge! Tom
  20. Reply to @julipalmer7: Hey Juli! Your gigs already look great but there is always room for improvement. For me Fiverr sales really took off when i decided to add a personal video of my self presenting my service. Buyers really like that personal connection and it will help give them confidence in their purchase. All the best! Tom
  21. Ooops didn’t see this thread here. Ive just created a forum post on how im using IFTTT to my my job as a seller easier. Here it is if anyone fancies a read: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/24214/all-order-messages-go-to-evernote-with-ifttt#Item_1
  22. Also having this problem. Had a few orders show up earlier as needing a modification although there was no messages within them.
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