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  1. The tip will not show up in the same clearrance line with the original order because they didn’t happen in the same transaction. So you will find another $4 line.
  2. Fiverr will keep the money in your account balance until you ask for a withdraw.
  3. I don’t have these changes and this new dashboard you are talking about, this is why I’m asking for a screenshot.
  4. A screenshot to understand and see the new design you are talking about?
  5. Hello everybody, Anyone noticing the new option added by Fiverr? In your gig page, every buyer review has the buyer country flag under his name.
  6. Most people are following this tip, I sometime deliver in less than 30min and with the finest standard and quality of work. And not for a year or two, but for 9 years. But the fiverr algo is more than that.
  7. Still Low, very low. This week is my Fiverr anniversary and for 9 years, I never experienced a very bad month like this one.
  8. Yes, Since July 1st, zero orders and only few messages. It’s really dead slow.
  9. It’s really confusing, someone from Fiverr management should take a break and think deeply to fix all these before coming with new things.
  10. Hello, My last 5 orders are all autocompleted without me taking action after the three days window. Is it a bug or what?
  11. I have someone since October 01, 2016. Tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary 😂
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