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Removing or moving up the language-combinations cap to translation GIGs

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When creating a Translation GIG, when filling up all the basic info, in the “metedata” tab, you find the “languages” you translate (from and to).
The problem is that the “languages-combinations” are capped. Let me make an example:

With two languages (A and B) the possible combinations are 2:

  • From A to B
  • From B to A

And if you rise the number of languages the possible combinations increase geometrically:

  • 3 languages means 6 combinations
  • 4 languages means 12 combinations
  • 5 languages means 20 combinations
  • 6 languages means 30 combiantions
    And so on…

There apparently is a cap at 34 combinations. Why is it? And also if we want to avoid people creating one million gigs for the same service, raising this cap could be one effective way to do it.

For example in my field there are teams of translators who work together, bringing many different languages to one translation gig. They have one choice if their “combinations-of-languages” exceed this cap: doing a bazillion gigs, or sacrificing some languages inside the metadata tab while writing them inside the gig description. These solutions are an effective way to fix this cap issue but still without this cap (or with a raised cap) there would not be any issue.

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