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Introducing a new category: Local Photography


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When the Local Photography category gets launch, will there be location restrictions? I ask because of the location test areas. It’s nice that we have a new category but limiting the test group to just PRO sellers isn’t going to make much of a test IMO.

100s-1000s of sellers are testing it and that’s enough.

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If it’s product photography eg. a big closeup of food (with none of the city location showing), how much does the city it’s taken in really matter?

The city it’s taken is important in the sense of the buyer and seller being in the same place so they can shoot location sensitive products/objects, it’s not about showing a product with the Big Ben in the background (although it’s always an option).


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Love the initiative. Look forward to becoming part of the FIVERR PRO Local Photography beta testers in Paris, France.
Have recently joined here and already excited for the endless professional possibilities that will come it.
Mucho love y’all!

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