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  1. Service for cheap rate or service with fair price? And I think you are trying to advertise your gig with a poor cheap way. Dear, try to be smart. Have a nice day.🙂
  2. First of all, I think your basic package price is very low. Because floor plan can’t be done only for 10$! You should increase your cost and you have to mention the number of revision before getting the order. Because this type of designs need re-edit frequently. Anyway, now you can requesting the buyer politely otherwise you can cancel the order. Then take a deep sleep and woke up with fresh morning. Don’t worry about gig rank. Because rank is no more vital than your tension. I also faced this issue twice, and directly cancelled the order. I don’t like such a complex type buyer. Here we are not a free worker. Here we are a skilled worker-working with fair price. So we have to make us mentally strong. Good wish to you dear.
  3. Welcome to Fiverr. I also think like you and from 2019, I started my fiverr career as a full time freelancer. Pray for you so that your dream come true soon.
  4. Not at all. It’s depending on your frequent earning and using.
  5. Same to me. It’s not a permanent feature. Maybe it’s depending on your frequent earning and how much time you use this feature.
  6. It was not in any news. It was in a post by @marinapomorac. Marina noticed it. I found it. Thank you! I have checked my GIG category. All are good.
  7. A plethora of us have! Recently, I didn’t see any news about it. Could you please tag me on those news?
  8. Hello Fiverr Sellers, Greetings! Hope you all are well. I’m a level 2 seller, though I have fulfilled all the requirements for being a TRS. From last month, I’m seeing that all my GIGs rank, impression, clicks, new orders are going down 😭 day by day. Though I didn’t make any change or edit. Without any reason why this is happening? Do you know about any new algorithm update or rank up-down factors? Please share 🙏 your knowledge on this issue. Best Regards.
  9. So what is the advantage of this new feature? :thinking:
  10. Hi Dear, Hope you all are well. I’m a Photo Background remover and image editor. Nowadays I see some seller’s are getting the new “Promoted Gigs” feature on their menu bar. They can promote their selected gigs. Really I love that feature. But unfortunately I didn’t get it yet. How can I get this “Promoted Gigs” feature? Can you please suggest me? Is this option hand selected by fiverr authority? Best Regards. Promoted-Gigs1000×560 80.7 KB
  11. I think, Fiverr authority is doing site upgrading. Because, the text font and some other interface is going changed.
  12. Wow! Have you noticed that fiverr changed their website text font? It’s looking good to my. Looks fresh than previous text font. 😍
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