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  1. Hey guys, Yoav here, I manage the Creative verticals group here at Fiverr. I was curious to hear if you guys are using any stock sites for your creations (images/footage/illustrations/music/etc…) If so, which do you use and for what service? If you can explain why you choose these, that will be helpful for me too. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, Yoav here, I manage the Music & Audio vertical here at Fiverr. As you might’ve noticed, we’ve made a few changes to the categories’ structure. The reason we’ve made these changes is because it became more difficult for our buyers to find what they’re looking for and it became a challenge for some specific services to be found. So here goes… “Session Musicians & Singers” is now called Session Musicians. And will not include singing/vocals services. “Singers-Songwriters” is now called Singers & Vocalists and will be dedicated to sellers who offer their singing/vocal skills as their core service. Songwriters is a new category dedicated to sellers who offer songwriting (lyrical and melodic composition) as their core service. Please note, Gigs that are just about Lyrics writing belong to the “Creative Writing” category under the Writing & Translation vertical Podcast & Spoken Word Editing was renamed to Dialogue Editing and the categories of Podcast and Audiobooks that were there, now have separate categories of their own: Podcast Editing, Audiobook Production Please note, and this is important: As part of the changes (and this is important!) we’ve updated the pricing attributes in in all categories, so please check your Gigs to see where they are now and what has changed in their pricing attributes, updating the Gig will likely improve your Gig’s visibility. If you have any questions, comment here and I’ll do my best to respond. Cheers,
  3. Hi there, Can you please explain what you’re referring to? by voice-acting, what do you mean? dubbing?
  4. Hey all, Yoav here, I manage the Video & Animation and Music & Audio verticals here at Fiverr. I have an update for those of you who buy or sell “Sessions Musicians & Singers” services, there’s a new exciting update for you: We’ve added new metadata called “Genre”. Genre metadata is meant for you to define the type of genres you’re expert in, when it comes to playing an instrument or singing. It’s important that you add this metadata, because soon - our buyers will be able to filter the marketplace by that. If it’s relevant for you, please go to your gig and edit it so more relevant buyers see it. Cheers, Yoav
  5. @nidhorghoggen @sturoyce and everyone else! First of all: Thank you so much for all the positive notes, this is just phase 1 of the gaming industry store and we’re sure that with you, our community we’ll be able to take it to the next level so I’d like you to know that your voice is heard and we’re reading each and every comment of yours. @nidhorghoggen - your points are super valid and we were aware of them to be honest, we know that many people call the services you mentioned “Game Design” (economics, levels, mechanics etc.) which is why Game Design might actually change to Game Visual Design, indeed. For now, services like the above are best fit into Game Writing, since having Game Design twice is going to be confusing for unfamiliar buyers, but we’ll look at that too. @sturoyce - I’m glad to hear you’re getting gaming related inquiries, this is exactly why we launched Gaming, there’s a huge need there and I’m glad to see it happening. Happy to keep this thread open for additional comments and will update should any changes take place. Cheers,
  6. Hey all! Over the past year, we’ve seen a significant increase in game-related purchases and Gig registrations. Gaming is on the rise, and so is the need for talented people to service the industry, so we’ve launched our first-ever industry store for Gaming to provide services from skilled developers, designers, and more. We’re thrilled to share with you our new Gaming store Categories include: Game DevelopmentQACharacter ModelingStoryboardsGame DesignCharacter AnimationGame WritingGame TrailersProducers and ComposersGraphics for StreamersAnimation for StreamersVideo EditingWith the right exposure and platform, we’ll be able to help launch independent creatives and developers into an industry that is primarily dominated by larger corporations and franchises. Fiverr’s Gaming Store also gives virtually anyone with a video game idea the opportunity to bring their vision to life. Whether you’re building your own video game or looking to revamp the branding for your stream — Fiverr’s Gaming Store has what you need to take it to the next level. Game on!
  7. Thanks Lyn, GIF files will soon be supported in the Gig creation flow. As for live portfolio, yes - it will be there soon. Your Gig is looking great, I hope it will now do even better. Cheers,
  8. Thanks kha1ed, not sure why you think the demand is low, but we’re seeing great need for Animated GIFs which is why this category was launched. We believe that now, with a dedicated place for Animated GIFs, the opportunity for sellers creating GIFs, will grow. Cheers,
  9. Thanks for the question. The reason is because Animated GIFs are already more than just being a format. When people talk about GIFs they already relate it to a type of animation rather than the format itself, which is why we added the file format metadata. Some people need an animated GIF for social, some for UI and some for personal usage. Most important thing is that when a buyer filters the format he needs, the Gigs shown will be the right ones. Regarding the file_format - known issued which is being fixed. Cheers,
  10. Hey! Yoav here, I manage the Video & Animation vertical and I’d like to share some news! Today we launched an awesome new long awaited category, called Animated GIFs! Animated GIFs are everywhere, we see them across social networks, messaging apps, the UI of products we use, and more. There are many websites and blogs for discovering and downloading great GIFs, but there are very few services for creating custom content. We wanted to change that. So in order to gain a better understanding of what features businesses need, we’ve been researching how Animated GIFs are used, who is using them, and why. Today, we’re excited to finally share it with you. Introducing, Animated GIFs, a category that offers a variety of animation styles, from a wide range of talent. Fiverr Animated GIFs include: Social Media Posts and AdsStickers and EmojisUI AnimationsGreeting Cards & InvitationsGIFs for Emails & NewslettersI hope you all enjoy it, feel free to share any thoughts and questions you might have. Yoav
  11. Thank you everyone for your replies, it means a lot and I’m glad you folks are here, looking at such posts and assist with detailed feedback. I’m well aware that licensing issues aren’t perfect on Fiverr, and that many things such as Geos, duration of usage etc… aren’t covered. These won’t be covered in the coming future due to Fiverr’s framework and the fact you should prepare your gig to be ready to order with a click of a button. As mentioned by @liquidlettuce, the idea is to really simplify things but in the same time have it make sense. @markusvoice - good point about Full Buyout, I assume it’s only in Audiobooks that it actually matters (maybe eLearning courses, too?) I’m asking all this because I’m working on creating a better flow for buyers to be aware of license options before contacting you guys and I’m trying to understand what licensing options they should see when they indicate they’re need the VO for Audiobooks / Phone Systems & IVR // Podcasts. @sue_mcl I hear you about including “Commercial Rights” as part of basic package, I’m trying to see what we can do about it. Cheers everyone,
  12. Hey Voice Over folks! I’m Yoav, I manage the Video and Music categories here at Fiverr. There has been a lot of discussion here in regards to Commercial Rights vs. Full Broadcast etc… I’m trying to make our buyers better understand the world of licensing (commercial use and full broadcast). While the case is pretty clear for video/ads going through paid/non-paid channels, I was wondering what’s your take on Audiobooks, Podcasts, Phone systems & IVR? Do you normally charge for commercial rights in such services? Happy to hear your take on that. Cheers, Yoav
  13. Hey! So about AE being like Wordpress. Just like we don’t have a category for Indesign Editing / Solidworks Editing / Illustrator editing etc…(We have Photoshop but it stands for a clear image manipulation service rather than the software) we don’t and won’t have “After Effects Editing” category. AE is a software just like Flame, Mocha, Nuke and others are… Wordpress within Programming & Tech is an exception having a category of it’s own because - it’s a service that is clearly for Website building while AE can be used for multiple things (VFX, templates, fixes, animation etc…). I suggest you try to narrow down what your actual service is because this is how the Fiverr marketplace is built right now. About templates vs. original work - I hear you, but it’s worth mentioning that although the App Promo gig of yours is your own template, it’s still a template and it’s not necessary that our buyers make a distinction between the templates, they care about having an awesome video. Now - if they do care about it being one-of-a-kind video, 100% custom made, then even if you create your own templates, it doesn’t make any difference. I know it’s not the answer you expect but I wanted to share the current status and as you know, we’re improving the category constantly and things might change as we move forward. Keep the good work, Y
  14. That’s a good question, what would you suggest for that. The problem is that many of the services offered in Video & Animation are After Effects templates based (i.e - Logo animation, some in Short Video Ads, Slideshows etc…) we won’t like to cause more confusion around it. If you’re an After Effects expert and can do Ad-hoc projects, VFX would be the place for you, if it’s other templates editing, try to place your gigs in the specific places, like the App Preview one that you already have. As I said, we’re always happy for suggestions Cheers
  15. Hey! thanks for being so active in the discussion about Visual Effects, as an avid VFX person, I hope you’re happy with the fact it now has a category of it’s own! As for Rotoscoping & Keying, you’re right, these are two different techniques, but often considered done for the same goal which is separating the object from the background. It’s very important that you describe in your Gig which of the services you provide. good luck!
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