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  1. Oh my god. You are on the Forum again. When i was last active here... you were gone. And now you are here. How cool is that. I am very happy to see you. 😃 Hi. BTW, I am back too from my cave.
  2. Hello Fiverr Community!

  3. I refreshed the page. Fiverr has never asked me to verify my identity.
  4. Yeah same issue. It’s just weird.
  5. Maybe because of your language skills. You have mentioned English as Fluent but I can see some mistakes and maybe that can be one of the reasons. So it’s not Fluent. Just assuming on the possibility! Don’t want to demoralize you in any way. This is just what I saw the moment I read your 3 line sentence.
  6. Did you get any orders with your promoted gigs before 3 days ago? Because I was thinking that some of your buyers may have said something in the Fiverr secret review that made Fiverr want to give your gigs a second look. :thinking: Nope. Barely got any clicks and impressions. Maybe this is the reason why it’s in pending state now. But why it was promoted earlier. My main gig is on the first page and i am normally getting orders. So how it doesn’t meet the quality. One thing I want to ask is will promoting the gig change the organic sales and impressions? Suppose if i stop the promotion, what will happen then?
  7. A week ago, I was given the option to use this feature, everything was working fine, but like past 2-3 days ago, all of the gigs were marked to “pending” instead of “promoted”. And it’s still like that. Anyone else has this issue?
  8. Fiverr New Features: Instant WithdrawalPromoted GigsAre they available to me? NO! Am I eligible for them? YES! Then why they are not available to me? I DON’T KNOW! Awesome. 😶
  9. Big Flex: I have the dark mode for the Fiverr App! 😍 IMG_1323750×1286 154 KB IMG_1325750×1334 115 KB IMG_1324750×1285 103 KBHow is it?
  10. No, you are not verified. Don’t worry when your time comes, you will see the dark notice on your account. I think it is the quality of the images they take. It is not a manual verification where someone has to compare the two photos. Oh. Great thing to know. Thanks for the information. :hugs:
  11. It does indeed. But I don’t think they would reject the photo even it was taken from the front camera. I wonder why some peoples does get some issues and other just gets verified in minutes. And on the other hand side, I never received this verification thing or somehow I am already verified. 😎
  12. It worked. Got verified in less than 10 seconds. They asked for my passport which is due for renewal in 2 months, it has a 10-year-old photo. I honestly felt my current look is different from that of my passport. I think every Facial recognition algo should match a face with a photo stretching years. For those yet to verify, use a phone with a high-quality camera. You need pixel perfect images. I used the back camera instead of the selfie camera - back cameras are better. Or you have a phone which has a bad quality front camera and a good rear camera. 😉
  13. Nah, it’s been taken care of. Thanks to your update, I have made the link “unclickable” 🙂 Well, in my quote, it is still clickable. That is why.
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