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  1. Couple of days back I heard about this . How many time did you attempt ?
  2. Which browser are you using ?
  3. Warmly welcome to very helpful community ever.
  4. So many good answers are here hope you understand the matter .
  5. You are right .It depends on so many things.
  6. It’s a bug okay.Last month I have been tipped several times but among them some are counted in analytics page with earning and all are added in the earning page. So , no problem at all.
  7. This is not a big issue .If you wrote what clients exactly wants and you meets all requirements through writing he will definitely pick you up if he reads all .So , here numbers of sending offers is not a big problem if you are perfect.
  8. Please stop spreading this nonsense that people need to “stay online”. That doesn’t make any difference and will only get your clients mad if it shows you online but you wouldn’t reply because you are actually not there. Definitely , I am agree on this point as well.
  9. Warmly welcome here and wish you for a great freelance journey.
  10. It happens .Nowadays , competition rate is too high.For that you must find out the solution of that request and don’t give a robotic response as well.
  11. All gigs are kicked to the last page from 6+ months.And still they are there .No click,impression /almost a little which are a little. I am facing a really big trouble.Can anybody help me out regarding this post or did you face this problem for a single time in your career ? If yes, then don’t forget to share your experience actually how you get back to your all gigs in its right/same position ? I badly need solution for it and want to know how what is the next step for me to bring them back and start selling again. NB : I am a level two seller. Wishing a very good luck to you all and thank you so much for your time.
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