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  1. As an individual, you can donate to the WHO or NHS or another such organization.
  2. Well, businesses are operating less and less during this time so it makes sense that commerce in general will die down.
  3. I would avoid putting things in bold except when necessary. Basically, just clean up your description
  4. Welcome! Here’s a really good post with advice on sales.
  5. This has been asked many times! Check out some of the things others have had to say about this in the past on the forum!
  6. Definitely change your thumbnail, and maybe add more examples of your work! Welcome back.
  7. Make sure your grammar is good, the layout is professional and organized, and you generally give the buyer a reason to buy from you as opposed to everyone else.
  8. Honestly, business for all industries is slowing down in general.
  9. Yeah, that does make sense. Maybe include different packs customers can choose from? Say, make one illustration be delivered in 2 days, two illustrations in 4 days, and three in 6 days?
  10. That is absolutely phenomenal! Great job!
  11. Report the issue to customer service!
  12. I saw other people saying they had a similar problem earlier today. There was a post about it earlier.
  13. I would first of all check the grammar of your title and description, and second of all, choose more attractive images!
  14. I’m sorry. It can be tiring to have to deal with problematic buyers
  15. I’m really sorry to hear about it, Vov. I hope your parents are doing perfectly well. Please, stay safe. Don’t worry, be happy. :thinking:
  16. definitely send this to customer service and ask them for help
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