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  1. Yeah! Voicover artist knows more about designing, Sure! "Michelangelo" he would point out things too. Because that's what designers do. We get more experience day by day and when we see the past work, we definitely point out some things. Maybe you don't. Or do you? Nice Work.
  2. I am not wrong. I just have a different opinion. Simple.
  3. Can I point out some things? Hope you take it professionally. 1. The Whole Image (Cover) is too Bright. There is only 1 light source, the moon and it should not brighten the whole scenario. 2. The UFO Hovering light should be more bright and the surface and around the surface should be more bright than the rest on the rooftop area. 3. Did you purposefully didn’t add the night clouds? But Hey, You finished the Project with good rating and satisfied review I think, which is good for you!
  4. Hello Fiverr Community!

  5. I receive those messages with their personal details like every other day. But never received any warning. Sometimes I report them and sometimes I don’t. Something is missing. Fiverr must have read something in your chat because they don’t just restrict anyone without real issues.
  6. Find Yourself lucky that you received 3 messages from users. When I started, I received my first order after 5 months and for $5 only. Give it some time, read forum members tactics that they used, some organic marketing and other possible stuff that you can do. Creating a gig is not enough to get orders.
  7. Just want to say some things: Indian Media: Sold to Government Indian Public Sectors: Sold to Private Industries Indian Religions: More Important than the Safety of Public Indian Government: Sold themselves for Money and Votes This is just a second Wave, Third will hit fall this year or sooner. I live in New Delhi, I am really fortunate that I decided to be a self-independent and choose a very good business line. I have never seen so many deaths in my life. We are losing the persons whom we can save very easily by giving them oxygen. And we cannot even do that. Health Sector Completely collapsed. I genuinely SALUTE to our Doctors, Nurses, and Other Medical Staff who are at this moment are crashed, tired, and completely lost faith but still doing their duty for us. Unfortunately, India is filled with Bribes, Ego, Power, and Money. And in Apocolypse doesn’t care how much rich you are. Sooner or later, Karma is gonna get them. Spent Millions on Statues, Government Houses, and whatnot, just for one moment, think that if the government would’ve created more hospitals, be prepared with oxygen, health, medical supplies, schools, universities, stopped the religious festivals, rallies for votes, etc. All of those things that we are currently facing would never even be a reality in any possible way. I am sad that I am in that part of India. Media Didn’t raise Questions, IT Cells are spreading fake news, threats to the persons or publications, either in India or International, who tries to show the real face of India. Hope this gets under control soon and we can live a normal life again. Please wear a mask and sanitize yourself whenever there is a need. And don’t go outside. It’s not a hoax. People still call this a hoax. And take Vaccine Shots Please.
  8. No You cannot! That option is only available for some users and the whole video call is recorded by Fiverr to make sure you will not break the rules. So you cannot just meet on Google Meet.
  9. I think there is no need for it. You cannot just receive direct calls. You have to click on the link in order to start the video chat.
  10. Last Year, we saw a Glimpse of Video Chat option for a very limited amount of sellers in this Did someone say "video chat"? post. But today, It’s completely active for me. Maybe it is rolled out for other users earlier but no one shared any information, so here I am! Here are some of the Glimpse: This is what you see when you First see this option in your Inbox. Apparently, Currently, This Feature is still in the beta stage and only available for some sellers (I am a level 2 seller) and VIDs. Video Chat Feature - Fiverr1904×1078 3.02 MBAs you can see in the above GIF, It automatically creates a unique invite link for the face-to-face video chat option. NOTE: The Video Call Option is not available in the Fiverr App. To be honest, This is a very important feature for me. It can boost my business in many ways and it can also make fiverr more secure if you think about it. So, Until Both click on the created link, no one will see or receive any calls. So If someone wants to skip or doesn’t want to talk face-to-face, they can skip it by not clicking on the link. I haven’t yet tried the video call method yet. If someone is a VID here, Let’s talk and test? But I hope this feature gets out of beta as soon as possible because not all of the buyers or potential buyers are VID. I do have some questions though: Does that Uniquely created link gets expired once we end the video call, or once a certain time period passes?What will happen if someone 3rd person gets the link? Can they join too?What features are available in that video call? Screen Recording? Audio Recording? Screen Sharing?Does this Video Call gets saved in the Fiverr server so Fiverr can see the recording whenever they want? If Yes, then where’s my Privacy? If No, then how will Fiverr make sure that Buyer and Seller will not share any private information in order to talk outside of Fiverr?Fiverr is Adapting according to its competition. Competition is always a good thing. It helps a business provide better service and features and it helps its customers to take advantage of those services and features. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties. What do you think of this Feature. Any Comments?
  11. I refreshed the page. Fiverr has never asked me to verify my identity.
  12. I remember you from past 2-3 years ago. You were regular here on this forum. That’s an unfortunate news that your account is banned. You don’t need an account to send the support request. Send direct email to support@fiverr.com from your registered email address and the ticket will be created. Hope you will get your account back. Just don’t fight with them. Be reasonable. Let us know what happened.
  13. It can be a genuine review or maybe you are right. We don’t the inner conversation. If you think it’s a wrong review then contact customer support and they will review it and remove it. If it’s not a defamed and wrong review, it will not get removed and you will receive a warning on your account to manipulate the review system. You know the answer, what to do. Choice is yours.
  14. Fiverr is testing the April Fools Day Prank sitewide. 🙂
  15. This is nice game. But if you have friends who also plays the same game.
  16. Nice. This is a good feature for me. That will help some of my gigs. Hope it will be rolled out to more customers soon.
  17. My teacher lost hope that I will even get passing marks in the math subject! Lol 😂 Math Hate me. 😶
  18. UPDATE: December 25, 2020 The 1 Star is now successfully changed to 5 Stars. 😊 It took 1 week because the buyer was busy. Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 12.52.53 AM783×157 11 KB
  19. Yeah I would do that too. I know the customer from a long time and i am sure she would tell me the same thing that she gave me 5 star and it was then an error that it changed to 1 star. I am also sure that she gave me a rating through mobile and mobile version have so many problems, including this one.
  20. Good luck! Just read it, so you contacted CS and they removed it. Should I contact them too? Because I am 100% sure that it’s done by a mistake or an error by Fiverr side.
  21. Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 6.59.57 PM908×662 40.8 KBThe customer is a super good customer and we have worked on so many orders in past. It’s just a bug. The customer would never give me less than 5 stars ever and you can read the review too. Any suggestions? I would raise a concern to Fiverr Support soon but I am looking for any suggestions.
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