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Hi Senior, help me how to get more sales?


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I want some tips for senior how to get more sales ?

I have 1st page result for keyword (even recommended) : ANIMATED CARTOON.

but it have not generated more sales.

For sample below. I only charges $5 (animated cartoon without text/logo/message) and $10 (animated cartoon with text/logo/message/link). It is too cheap for many frames of image and creation.

animated cartoon at :


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Hello there,

First of all, I think your gig looks nice.

However, I would like to point out that there are so many (WAY too many, in fact) of the

"how to get more sales" topics.

You are a level 2 seller, I would assume that you have been a fivver member for

quite some time, and should be aware that sometimes it takes weeks or even months until you get sales. ( I have 3 gigs, and one of them took nearly a year to get the first sale), and I’m sure you have read those threads here in the past.

I guess I will just be repeating what so many people have already said,

It’s patience.

Patience patience, and more patience.

Let people know about your gig using Facebook and all the other good stuff

on the net. And of course patience!

There are some threads that gives you really detailed instructions on how

to do this, I’m sure you can find them.

Since I can’t do any animation myself, personally I do believe your animations

looks nice, so with time I’m sure you will get more sales.

Good luck and be patient!! 🙂

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