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New Inbox UI is great!

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Today I saw new Chat like User Interface in Inbox section. First of all, I really like this interface. It’s awesome.
The old Inbox was a little buggy for me. Some messages from my clients were not loading properly. Anyways, New Inbox is really good.

What I like:

  • Chat like interface
  • Easy to change user conversation thread.
  • Easy to mark a conversation as Unread
  • No need to click “Load older messages” link again and again.

What I suggest:

  • Add ability to mark single or multiple messages as important (Like star feature in Gmail)
  • Two color chat theme. Messages from me should be in different color and probably on the right side of the chat window.
  • Ability to hide short, non-important messages like, “Thanks”, “Great!” “OK”

What do you think guys?

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There is a star feature - click the 3 dots (…) in the top right for the options.

Unless you mean individual messages within a conversation? Not sure that would be do-able, I think it would be a trade-off between having a “live chat look” and an “email chain look”.

Yes. I mean individual messages within a conversation.

Sometime client provide important information so marking it as important by adding star will be beneficial.

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New inbox UI is great.!

but there are some problem, I had received few old client message recently and they weren’t showing in unread messages. thanks to fiverr mail notifications. I found their usernames and contacted.

One more thing is, when we archive any user chat, that user chat should be disappeared from inbox as it was working in old inbox. That was good, bcoz we were able to remove completed conversation from main inbox and focus on ongoing inbox.

I hope fiverr will release one more update on inbox.

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