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  1. When transferring a large number of files, I’ve been using cloud storage like Dropbox or OneDrive. I’ll create an online folder containing the files, and simply send a link to whomever I want to have access. Works great for deliveries too.
  2. As soon as someone asks me for a discount, I END THE CONVERSATION!!
  3. You can only block someone if you’ve completed a gig with them.
  4. YES PLEASE! I love to learn new tips and tricks, and appreciate expert guidance. Thanks Fiverr!!
  5. Hi there, I know it’s difficult to get traction in such a competitive marketplace. I never thought of ordering custom artwork before seeing your post here, so you’re efforts are not wasted. I’ll order your gig right now, and leave an honest review when we’re finished. I’m looking forward to seeing your custom work!
  6. Woo-Hoo!!! Celebrating my 10th Anniversary on Fiverr!! Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Thanks fiverr!!! 🍾
  7. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.
  8. Question about information on the “Promoted Gigs” tab that summarizes impressions, clicks, orders, spent and revenue. Is the “revenue” figure quoted pre or post the fiverr 20% commission? Thanks
  9. Wouldn’t it be cool to use Fiverr talent in the production!?!?
  10. My daughter took my profile picture when she was jus 13 years old.
  11. I’ve been recording voiceovers on Fiverr for ten years now, and I still have every single recording and edit. Storage is cheap.
  12. Ive been using the MKH416 with the Focusrite ISA One Pre-amp and analogue to digital converter “ADC card” for years now. I love the setup so much that I have a backup for each in case of emergency.
  13. As long as you delivered before the deadline, you don’t need to worry about being late. Many sellers (myself included) are shocked when they see their countdown clock display a big red LATE warning, but that can be ignored as long as you made an on time delivery before the revision request. Some buyers trake what seems like a very long time to come back with revision requirements, and that is unfortunate, but often times your buyer is part of a team, that can make follow-up slower than we would like. I would simply reach out with a question like; “Hello there! I’m anxious to complete this job and get it just the way you want it. Could you please provide a status update on where things stand on your end?” Chances are that you will be happy with their response. If they don’t respond after a couple of attempts, I would simply re-deliver the original and say something like “here is your file again. please let me know if you need anything else.” Good luck!
  14. I agree. I would redeliver the original work, and ask the buyer to request modification and provide additional instructions or the order will autocomplete in 3 days.
  15. Just do your best. Manage expectations, deliver excellent quality,and honor your commitments.
  16. Don’t worry about it. Looks like you just missed it. Just try and do better from now on. Check your inbox every hour or so. That’s what I do!
  17. Your worries are unwarranted If you have a service to provide at the right price, the world will beat a path to your gig…
  18. What do you mean by “not accepting?” Is the buyer requesting revision?
  19. I don’t believe you can lower the price once the gig is booked. Unfortunately, the only way I know to accomplish this would be to cancel the $30 order and rebook with the $20 order. I know it’s not the best solution unfortunately.
  20. Looks fantastic, and a great deal! Good luck. I wish you much success.
  21. Okay…I’m going to go and look, and give you my first impression.
  22. I listen to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast. It’s great. Some people credit him with creating the long-form interview podcast.
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