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Tricks to sell your gigs


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I’m not a new seller, but I can tell you for sure that there are no tricks.
There are some tips, but no tricks.

Check out this link and her seller’s gig.
She is new too, but she got her first order right away because she did
everything right.
So if you are asking what does it mean to “do things right,” you can watch
the clip.
In other words if you know what professional means and you are good at what you do,
you will get orders no matter how new you are.

We’ve read these on the forum quite a lot. “I’m a new seller and I can’t get orders” “It’s unfair, new sellers don’t get the attention” “Please give new sellers a chance too” “Respect the new sellers” I mentioned this in another post, but new sellers can get orders too! I know at least 3 new sellers who got their first orders within hours ( and continue to be successful) for a GOOD REASON. They did everything right. And to prove that, here’s the lovely Miss Dixie, a new seller on Fiverr. …
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Guest offlinehelpers

“Peculiar” and “explicit” moves? Yikes. I hope we’re not sacrificing animals or anything. 🤐

(Actual serious answer: zeus777 has given you everything you need. Be free!)

I’m thinking ‘dad dancing’ myself! :rofl:

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