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My ranking gig doesn't get enough impressions

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Any genuine, helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.
One of my gigs here is ranking on top pages of two keywords ( one showing 28000 results, the other showing 7000).However, I'm not receiving more than 30 impressions per day. It's so puzzling because we struggle to rank our gigs to reach a larger audience. Now that mine is ranking on first pages, it's still only receiving around 30 impressions. I would worry about optimization, etc., if it weren't a ranking gig. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? 
I am being advised to edit and optimize the gig but I don't understand how that will help? My gig IS ranking. We edit and optimize gigs to get them to rank and mine is already ranking. I am afraid making changes to it unnecessarily would get it deranked(  that happened once and I am not willing to take the risk again)
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