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  1. Are you sure? Does it rotate 1st and 14th of every month? I face this issue too frequently. last time it happened 21 April to me. I’m also observing this and contacted fiverr support too many times but Not getting any solutions.
  2. Not fixed yet. I got it back after 2 months then two days later it happen again. It happen frequently in my profile, dont khow why!!!
  3. I think changing gig packages price would not affect gig ranking, From my previous experience. And you can send any amount more than 5$ in custom offer according to your job.
  4. The same thing is happening to me very frequently. Currently I’m facing this problem, I’m also planning not to use promoted feature.
  5. Tell him send this message to fiver customer support.
  6. It happen to me very frequently, after getting gig promotion. I’m also facing same issue currently.
  7. Don’t worry, it may happen. Keep your good work and communicate with the buyer carefully, Hopefully, you can recover it soon. Did you get promoted gig option? What about your gig ranking now?
  8. There’s also a “Was this review helpful? Yes/No” feature that people can click like Amazon has for reviews as well), might also be a reason for some reviews to come out top. That’s just a thought as to what effect that feature might have, though, I haven’t yet seen any official infos regarding that. Else, yes, looking at reviews from a potential buyer perspective, for me in many cases, especially if it’s just one bad review in a sea of good ones, it probably also would be the seller’s reply rather than the review itself that would make or break the deal for me. It’s unfortunate if the reply is just as bad as the review, and we often read to wait a while and let emotions cool down before replying to a bad review on the forum for a reason. Once the harm is done, sometimes there’s only the option left to own one’s mistake. I guess deleting the gig would be an option here to make your reply go away together with the gig (but the review itself will stay on your profile), as Vickie described, if you want to “sacrifice” that gig with its reviews. Obviously, you can always start a new gig. Like Vickie and Maita, I’d also say if you want to try support, bear in mind that you risk a ‘review manipulation’ warning. While you actually want to manipulate the reply to the review, not the actual review, I think it’s still a risk that support would see this under ‘review manipulation’, as you kind of want to manipulate your reaction to that review. That someone else kindly got their typo corrected by support isn’t a guarantee that you wouldn’t receive a warning for asking them to ‘erase your reaction to a review’, it could depend on how their guidelines for those different matters are, on how you ask, on when the other user asked, on who handles the case, quite a few variables. If you didn’t ever get a warning before, and are confident that you won’t get one herafter, asking and potentially have them delete your reply to the review (personally, I don’t think the chances are high) might be worth the risk to you. Deleting your entire aged account with lots of great reviews, might also be an option for you if you’re a “perfectionist”, but both those things are for you to decide. There’s no solution without a risk (warning) or harm (sacrificing your aged account with many great reviews), other than “wait it out” and hope for and work on the bad review to be buried by good ones eventually. If you have many return/regular customers, that shouldn’t take that long, I doubt that many of them take the time to read “their” seller’s last reviews often, and even if, as long as they always were happy themselves, would probably think “Oh, well, everyone has a bad day sometimes” and keep ordering. Thank you miiila. I know the bad review will exist in my profile even though I would delete that gig . and I will not contact Fiverr support. I am finding a solution as it is not shown first in the Most relevant review. What do you think, it is showing first because of my replay against that review? Is that go behind If I delete the gig? I can afford to delete that gig if the bad review goes below.
  9. If you scroll up you will read yourself confidently saying that typos can’t be corrected. This is in the follow context: I’m telling the truth! If you don’t believe me, ask my buyer err friend. can you show your screenshot that you changed by support without getting any warning before?
  10. @wordpress2017 is not a “new starter.” He has been on Fiverr since 2016 and he has 280 reviews with a total average rating of 5-Stars. The gig he would need to delete only has 10 reviews, so he could possibly afford to delete it. if i delete that gig, are you sure that bad review will not show on top? I have checked to pause that gig, but still showing on top.
  11. I understand what you say. if I ask support to remove the bad review. I will get a warning and account will be suspended. But here I don’t want to remove buyers review I want to remove my comment under buyer review. Hope this make sense. Any idea about this situation? Thanks.
  12. Thank you, Annie. I also thought that I should not have left that comment. That emphasized buyer review. Is there any way I can remove my comment under buyer review? It was a lesson.
  13. Hi, One month ago I got a bad review from a buyer. After that, I have completed some orders from my repeat buyers and got around 9-10 Good reviews. But don’t know why One month ago bad review is showing first. I have completed 459 orders successfully and got 280 good reviews. But it is very bad luck only one bad review is displayed first on my profile. Currently, My promoted gigs are showing unqualified and all my gigs are disappeared from the search and category listing, it looks like my profile is hanged. Do you know how to solve this problem? now I am not getting any messages and orders. I have contacted Fiverr support but not getting any solution. I hope you all are well. Be safe from covid 19. Thanks.
  14. Are you sure they will change the system algorithm within this April? How do you know? We know it is bug. if you got disapproved promoted gig, iam sure all of your gigs are disappear.
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