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  1. This is again, such fantastic insight, and I love seeing your seller experience here at Fiverr. Thank you so much for sharing!
  2. Thank you SO much for sharing this, and what an incredible journey you've had. We hope you'll share the studio space when you're all set up, and wish you nothing but the best in this new chapter of your business.
  3. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Kesha is out at the moment but I am more than happy to elaborate on this. We had a bug on the IOS app, but as of Sunday, we released an update that should resolve this issue, and limit the confusion. We'll make an official post regarding this soon!
  4. Thank you everyone for contributing to the conversation on our new level system. We understand that this is a big change, and want to assure you that we will be considering your thoughts throughout this testing period. I want to also note that the goal of this new system is to improve the levels presented to buyers and make it more user-friendly for all sellers on the platform to understand their standing, score breakdown, and overall performance. For anyone with questions on how to improve your success score, we strongly encourage you to reach out to Customer Support, or if you have one, your Customer Success Manager for further insights. We also have several articles available in our Help Center to navigate these new changes. If you're receiving a message that you are not eligible for the new level system, we are unfortunately not able to provide insight here on the forum and urge you to reach out to Customer Support so that they can help you further. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our forum team works to address concerns as able, and as we transition to the new level system.
  5. Hi! When this new level system is live, buyers will only be able to see your level and your overall rating. Success scores are something only you as a freelancer will be able to see. It's important to note, however, that your overall level, which buyers can see in the marketplace, is influenced by your success score.
  6. I assure you that all comments on this thread will be passed onto the appropriate teams, and we greatly appreciate everyone's feedback and engagement on our threads!
  7. Hi, @arianelaurent! Deleting the Gig will remove the score of the deleted gig from the overall success score, but please note that deleting a Gig will also remove all Gig information and history. We'd also urge you to keep in mind that deleting a Gig and opening a new Gig may result in lower visibility for this new Gig.
  8. Hi @tomascello I would encourage you to you reach out to Customer Service, or your Customer Success Manager if applicable. On the forum, we are not able to give insights into your specific profile or warnings. Should you have any questions about the changes to the level evaluation system or about the forum we are more than happy to shed more light.
  9. Hi all, we are working with the appropriate teams to pinpoint what this messaging entails and how to best advise you moving forward with this warning. We will update the community as soon as we can, and apologize for any stress this has caused.
  10. Hi @adanaik, I am so sorry for any stress this is causing. We are currently working with the appropriate teams to decipher if this message is a bug or to give feedback on next steps. We will update the forum with more information on this pop-up banner as soon as we are able, and appreciate your patience.
  11. This message was not to say that the AI can misinterpret, and I would like to assure you that these scores are made up not only by an AI but also by internal evaluation from the Fiverr team. Should a seller like yourself feel the score giving was misjudged, then at that point you can reach out to our Customer Support to flag this issue and have it reviewed by the appropriate teams.
  12. Hi! I raised this issue to our product team and will keep you all updated on what we hear back, in the meantime I would suggest reaching out to Customer Service, or your Customer Success Manager if applicable.
  13. Hi @clemrichard and @rapidtech1898v2. We apologize that you've noticed a stagnant state in regards to how to improve these indicators, or that the indicators have misjudged your interactions. I would recommend that you toggle with the How to Improve my Gig located just below the indicators. This should give you some suggestions, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager, if applicable.
  14. Thank you so much for this information, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the constructive feedback. We will pass this along to the teams leading this change. As for how to get back on track, for now, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to your Seller Plus Customer Success Manager. They can help you pinpoint any issues that the system may have flagged and give you next steps for improvement.
  15. Thank you all for flagging this issue. I recommend reaching out to Customer Service or your Customer Success Manager if your account has been flagged. They will be able to take this to the proper parties to investigate and give you more information.
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