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  1. Contact your success manager. Hopefully they'll hear us eventually and implement a change. Your buyer clearly appreciated a fast turnaround time but now it's in the system as an area to work on
  2. Yes, it’s in the top left corner. My concern though is the fact that buyers are clicking categories for what went wrong without knowing so, because it’s not labeled as such and a back button doesn’t solve that problem
  3. It shows a star rating at the end, but clients are busy and there’s still no indication they were asked to select areas for improvement
  4. On desktop it says "what could be improved." I think it's a little odd to ask 4-star "very good" reviewers what could be improved, but at least it's labeled as such
  5. Also I am not a regular forum user, so if anyone thinks this post is helpful, can you please tag any relevant fiverr team members who frequent the forum? The only one I am familiar with is @Kesha Thank you 🙏
  6. I’m posting this message in hopes it will be seen by a higher-up at Fiverr, as messages to customer support don’t seem to go anywhere. I’m a Pro/TRS seller and LOVE Fiverr! I’ve been here since 2012 and it’s an awesome place to find fun projects and build great relationships. Here’s the problem: I’ve been noticing buyers select “areas for improvement” alongside a 4 star review (very good) for categories that absolutely don’t make sense. For instance, a client will tell me they love the quality, communication was great, etc. and yet they’ll click a button that says I need to work on professionalism, quality, etc. Huh? I’m so open to feedback but there’s no way these happy clients think I need to improve professionalism. So, out of curiosity, I pulled up the app as a buyer and selected the “very good” emoji to rate a seller. It presented me with various options such as creativity, quality, professionalism, etc. There is no indication whether I’m selecting what went right or wrong. One would assume after selecting “very good," they are selecting the areas that were good. However, they’re actually selecting what was wrong. Why are 4-star reviewers being prompted to select what went wrong and why is this page not labeled as such? I applaud Fiverr’s effort to be more transparent and get honest reviews, but this part of the interface is confusing. Why would this page not be labeled as “what went wrong” or “areas for improvement?” Fiverr team, if you're going to prompt happy 4-star reviewers to list what to improve, could you at least label this page as such? It’s so devastating to offer superb customer service and deliver great products, then be dinged for things like “professionalism” and “quality” from happy clients who thought these areas were “VERY GOOD.” These reviews are not honest and transparent. They’re from confused buyers. Again I love the system and know you have quirks to work out. Hopefully this will be at the top of your list.
  7. Do you think that perhaps the fact that so many buyers are mistakingly leaving poor reviews is a sign that the new system is confusing and should be reworked? I'm a TRS Pro seller and every single day I get low reviews as an accident. Every time I reach out to see what could be improved, I'm told that everything was great and they made a mistake. For instance, just a few hours ago, a wonderful repeat client said I need to improve "professionalism, quality, etc" mistakingly because she thought she was clicking things that were great about the order. It's really demoralizing.
  8. As a pro seller and TRS with a 10 in multiple categories but 8 in a few others, I have concerns about how this success score is calculated. A few gigs state that I need to work on communication. Can you please shed light on how this is calculated? I am professional, prompt and reliable in all messages and have never had any complaints in this regard. I even have a college degree in communication. Clients always rate 5 stars for communication. It is unclear on how to improve this metric when I am already following good practices. Many other sellers are the same. Secondly, can you please address our concerns regarding the new "value for money" metric? I've received a 4/5 rating from multiple clients who were ecstatic about services and had 0 complaints or feedback on what could be better. There is also a disconnect when a buyer is purchasing a $500 service + pays additional fiverr fees but we're receiving less than 80% of that amount. Especially as a higher-end seller, it's a very uncomfortable position to be rated based on price. $50 for one buyer may be a lot, while $2k for a corporation is a bargain.
  9. Hmm not sure about the tip part, I got a 4/5 value score the other day alongside a $90 tip 🙃 Make that make sense! Tips are a kind gesture but I charge my worth and would rather have a good rating than a tip
  10. Same here!! I've had 2 cancellations in 2 years on a certain gig, both of which were accidental orders that weren't even activated and it explicitly states that these orders would not have an impact. It's got to be a bug. Please contact support to raise the issue! If this particular metric is so clearly flawed and we can actually prove it, I can only imagine how some of the more subjective categories may be messed up.
  11. Thank you for linking to this post, Frank. It is incredibly helpful and thought provoking on how to better serve clients to the point where they want to leave fantastic private feedback. I love a good challenge. Keep doing what you do!
  12. I experienced this same issue. After selling here since 2012 and maintaining excellent reviews, my gigs have maintained high visibility. However, after trying the “promoted gigs” feature and randomly having it suspended despite absolutely 0 issues with clients, I’ve fallen to the absolute last page in all categories. This is a very serious bug. Anyone who is experiencing this should report it to customer support and keep messaging them until you get an actual response.
  13. I started Fiverr the summer after graduating high school, and it’s a great job for college! I work with professionals on a regular basis and for the most part, they’re great! There’s always the occasional buyer who is condescending and makes an insult about my age, but that’s rare. If you’re going to do videos, people will obviously see how old you are. If you’re just writing though, nobody has to know! I just found out that one of the top writers on the site, Ryan G-something, is young as well. Never would have known!
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