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  1. Hello dear Community! I'm going to report this bug. Please check it says $400 earning and 10 orders to achive level two badge. This is the bug, @Kesha it will need to be fixed. and also flagged accounts will need to be fixed. mine is also! THanks
  2. Hello @frank_d @KeshaI'm also facing the same issue, like the other sellers. My account was flagged without any reason. ? If they were applying AI so at least they would need to check them before that this work correct or not. They don't have any reason about my flagged account. I'm wondering that how my account was flagged, because I have not changed location, device, bank account etc but still they have flagged my account.
  3. But I don't have done any violation. Why? This is really Cruelty because I have not shared event my network without or traveled abroad or go to different cities. Fiverr will need to take look on my account, Why they don't give me full proofs ( Reason, Time, date, day) of violation.
  4. Hello everyone! @Kesha Does flagged status mean If you're a level one seller so will a level one seller all life? Or will become new seller?
  5. I'm also facing the same issue, I'm a level one seller near to level two seller. My everything is okay. If anyone got solution so please share with me.
  6. According to you, How much time it will take more. It's have been near to 35 days of it that my gigs is deranked. My profile is fully SEO optimized maybe the thumbnails are not to much attractive but the title, description, pricing, and tags are SEO optimized.
  7. Now, My Gig is available in the search but in the last page. I don't know that why it's not coming to the first page? Even I'm very satisfying every client, I'm sure that every client will also give private feedback positive.
  8. I'm delivering every order with 5 star rating and tips.
  9. Everyone say "working hard" I don't know the exact meaning of it. Can you explain it for me? I will be very happy
  10. You're right, But I also know for exceptionally quick replies, I also have portfolio option, among my client. Promoted GIg, Seller plus and GIg plan. But This is Fiverr alghorithm sometime it will rank you and sometime it will derank you. No buddy no the exact reason of it. But I have hear that it will back after 2-3 month. And as you say that "have a little bit of faith and you can keep your head up during the hard times to get at least one order, it will work out." I worked hard and got more that 15 orders but it's not worthy for me. That's my personal experience. I will wait for ranking. "
  11. Yes, you're correct. However, I have observed numerous sellers who receive 2-3 negative reviews simultaneously and yet manage to maintain their ranking on the first page. What are your thoughts on this?
  12. Yes, communication is key. I am very proactive in communicating with buyers. In some cases, buyers didn't even message me before placing an order and failed to discuss their requirements, which resulted in negative reviews. Several of my top-rated friends have mentioned that it may take approximately 45-60 days to regain prominence on the top page. However, I am uncertain about the accuracy of their statements.
  13. When you manually review my feedback, you will find that every negative review comes after I have completed 9-15 positive reviews, filled with favorable language. It appears that these negative reviews are from clients who paid a lower price. I believe that high-paying clients are less likely to leave negative feedback, don't you agree?
  14. Hello, dear community members! @venonusa @filipdevaere @michmikaia It has been approximately 35 days since my gig was deranked. In the initial days, my gig disappeared from the search results when I tried to find it. Consequently, it became unavailable in the search. After 20 days, my gig reappeared in the search, but the issue now is that it is only appearing on the last page. I spend a significant amount of time online to improve its ranking. Prior to being deranked, my gig used to be on the first page in the second row. I have ensured that my gig is fully optimized for SEO, with the best SEO score, an appealing gig title, and competitive pricing. Moreover, I have successfully completed 10 orders from previous buyers, although it seems that this hasn't contributed to its ranking. Now, I would greatly appreciate it if an expert could advise me on what steps I should take to regain the top ranking for my existing gig on the first page. I eagerly await the valuable responses from all the team members. Thank you very much!
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