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  1. exams are tiring ;-;

  2. I bought Clip Studio Paint, its on sale! I'm gonna draw a lot more now \(ouo)/ 

  3. I love playing sandbox games, and games where you just chill, decorate and build stuff! Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley... Recently I've been playing No Man's Sky and it is a really fun sandbox game! They really worked hard to make the game good and until now it still has more new updates 😄 I just have to remember that I have priorities too... I get carried away playing video games too much ;w;
  4. I am a full-time student, but I get holidays, then I will turn into full-time freelancer for 1-2 months 😄 This is going to be my first time opening art commissions, basically, starting freelancing! I'm super excited!! I will post my experience after a month of working 😄 I also want to make a topic later (maybe a YouTube video if I have time to make it) like you, documenting my first month on Fiverr. As a newbie, sharing experience and advice for other newbies! YouTube really needs people that give actual good advice for working on Fiverr, and not make it look like a "get rich quick" scheme.
  5. My gig has 105 impressions and 18 clicks O_O I am unavailable until next month omg where are these impression and clicks coming from I thought Fiverr hides my gig if I am unavailable 

    aaaa I am panic there's people that wanna buy but I am unavailable 

    1. vickieito


      Do you think some of those impressions and clicks are coming from the forum? Your posts are generating a lot of interest/curiosity...

    2. nomuffinsforyou


      waaa, could be?!?!? the myth of "being active on the forum" is actually true?? 😮 (but u gotta post stuff that's meaningful hehehe) 

    3. vickieito


      I know for a fact that your first post generated a lot of interest on the forum!

  6. I want ask a question! You do not have to chase for Top Rated Seller right? Level one and two is good enough, as long as you deliver your best work and be professional? It seems like a lot of work to be trs and I do not want to be stressed out, I want to have fun ;w;
  7. I'm going to see if I can do this while post-limited...

    @nomuffinsforyou, you had a question on orders in queue. Basically, when a buyer places an order AND fills out the order requirements the timer on the order starts. That's why I moved my delivery times to two weeks for resume orders even though I can complete most in 2 days. I had to, because there was a time I was getting 11 orders a day (all with the same delivery dates). Other things you can do is extend the delivery dates for each order, have the buyers hold off on submitting their order requirements until you are ready to get started, or limit the orders in queue.

    1. nomuffinsforyou


      I limit the orders in queue to how many I can handle simultaneously! But yes I did increase my delivery time and it makes it look like I draw for a really long time (30 days o_o) but I put in my FAQ so people understand that I draw with a queue system and I will update them whenever they ask for progress! But if someone wants theirs drawn ASAP they can have the fast delivery thingy so I work on theirs immediately. 

      Idk if this is a good system or not but I will try and see if it works 😮 

    2. vickieito


      I checked out your gig and saw this! Hope this works out for you. I like your cute doodle art!

    3. nomuffinsforyou


      aaa tysm ;w; 

  8. I have a portfolio, but I can't put my portfolio because I'm not a high enough level seller to do so :') But no good reviews is understandable. My art is going to be less than $100 for a full color, but I kept asking around and I got mixed results from other people's opinion ranging from $30-$200. So that is why I am very confused on how to price my gigs.
  9. I am a bit worried for this as a newbie seller doing art commissions. Everyone says if you are starting out on Fiverr you should lower your price. But artists always say, never lower your price! Someone giving me advice even told me they would pay $100 for my art if I keep practicing and I feel very honored. Though as a newbie, will people buy your stuff with the high prices, or will it turn people away? I set prices for what I am comfortable with, but idk if anyone will order from me because I am a newbie with high prices.
  10. ooo I never set any goals because I end up not doing them anyway, but I think if I post stuff for people to see then maybe it will motivate me to do them because people are watching and cheering >u< Study at least 1 hour a day, when it is not class time. (I procrastinate a lot, maybe this will help me focus on studying more) Play less video games. Maximum 2 hours a day (I have a problem ;-;) Make a wallpaper, phone theme and sticker set once a month (For a shop I have in a different website, and so that I keep drawing and practicing) Learn beginner 3D modelling (I want to make 3D stuff of my doodles! Have to learn the blender donut tutorial 😮 ) Improve drawing anatomy (I am doing my best!) Finish drawing all the assets for one area in a game I am making (I want to make a game for free as a hobby but I keep forgetting to do them :') ) I have one extra goal but this is for next year: start streaming 🙂 but I just try to prepare all the things I need for now! I hope this is not hard for me to do!!
  11. You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day. 


  12. ah why am I so angry today I gotta chilllll >u<

  13. I am a newbie with no sales so take me with a grain of salt >u< but when I see this sentence somehow it makes me very, uh, annoyed that I have to type something? xD You seem to be blaming the buyers instead of trying to improve yourself ;-; You are also dismissing the gigs that have a lot of orders as "poor quality". Have you thought that people seem to be looking for something that they need that u are dismissing as "poor quality"? I got so many advice from the regulars in this forum that marketing is more like catering to what the customers need! Tweaking your gig to make it so you can help people as best as you can! (If I'm wrong please someone help correct me >u<) Please listen to the forum regulars they have really good advice don't dismiss them ok? ;w; This is just my thought. I'm sorry, I just really want to shout at every single people who give those bad copy paste advice but I am post limited ;w; (Not at you though, keep learning and you will become a great seller one day :))
  14. I am thinking of taking this art commissions thing very seriously. When I earn enough money from the commissions I make, I want to improve my drawing skills and increasing my presence on social media. I was thinking of streaming, so for extras and since it is trending nowadays, I want to have someone on Fiverr rig and design a vtuber (virtual youtuber) model for me. It is a lot though, if I remember correctly, $200-$300? I hope it is going to be a good investment!! Omg I saw someone that made a gig that says "I will make very bad ms paint drawings for you" and I almost want to make a gig like that for funsies xD
  15. I am going to start art commissions on Fiverr next month, I am so excited!! I agree with @visualstudios about the description of Fiverr. It does feel like people setting up a shop! I love the regular posters here on the forum, they are all so kind, friendly and helpful for people who genuinely need help! I am most excited on doing stuff for the graphics for streamers section!! Even though it sounds like a lot of work, but I really feel like its going to be super super fun!! 😄
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