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  1. As freelancers, we all know that working with clients can sometimes lead to challenging situations and conflicts. Whether it's a misunderstanding about expectations, miscommunication, or simply different working styles, dealing with demanding clients can be a significant stressor for freelancers. So, how can we effectively manage these situations and resolve conflicts professionally and positively? Here are some tips and best practices to consider: Maintain open communication: One of the key factors in avoiding and resolving conflicts is maintaining open and positive communication with clients. Establish clear communication channels and regularly check in with clients to ensure everyone is on the same page. Listen actively: When conflicts arise, it's important to listen to the client's perspective and understand their point of view. By showing empathy and seeking to understand the client's needs and concerns, you may be able to find a mutually acceptable solution. Be clear and concise: Conflicts often arise from miscommunication and misunderstandings, so it's important to be clear and concise in your communication with clients. Make sure to clarify expectations and ask for clarification when necessary. Seek mediation or outside help: In some cases, conflicts may not be easily resolved through direct communication with the client. In these situations, seeking mediation or outside help may be helpful, such as a trusted third party or a dispute resolution mechanism provided by the platform you're using. Protect your rights and interests: Finally, as a freelancer, it's essential to protect your rights and interests. Make sure you have a clear contract in place that outlines expectations, responsibilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms and be prepared to enforce your rights if necessary By following these tips and best practices, you can effectively manage client conflicts and maintain positive and professional relationships. What strategies have you found effective in dealing with demanding clients and resolving disputes? Let's share our experiences and insights!
  2. Once you start to use that. You won’t have to find, it becomes native ina day or two
  3. That won't be available on mobile which may cause more issue.
  4. Since I started freelancing on Fiverr, I have enjoyed the best feature that makes Fiverr very special among other platforms, Quick Answers. I've around 100 quick answers that help me to deal with the client & 95% of clients find the correct information that I've saved in short answers. Is this just me? or are you also using this feature as crazy as me? WhatsApp Video 2022-08-27 at 6.13.32 AM.mp4
  5. It's something that someone might learn from experience. I prefer having a conversation before placing an order & a voice/video call after starting the regular discussion. During the video call, I usually ask 10 minutes of questions to know about the whole background "why they need the website & what are their Aims." Then, instead of providing them with a template website, I offer them a complete package that includes both UI/UX & WordPress Development. This is how I make more out of a simple order.
  6. Thanks for making it clear, I do most of the custom offers, that drove my ASP to something better
  7. Thanks for the appreciation. Pardon me, I didn't understand the Term ASP? haha, I'm not a native english speaker, so couldnn't get that
  8. These are the results I'm getting from Promoted Gigs, I think that's great to have such a wonderful conversion & closing rate.
  9. Congratulations ❤️ I have seen the hardwork you've put inside
  10. That's a nice idea, but just for sharing a portfolio, asking client's email will be a fine thing for Fiverr? I assume, they'll take it as negative step?
  11. A client asked me for my portfolio and I sent him in the Google Sheets as usual. And he said that you're using someone else's portfolio. I got confused & asked, he said someone else also sent the same URLs and it's developed by them. 😮 wow, I got surprised that someone is using my hard work & pretending to be them 😕, that's not so good. I tried to investigate further but he didn't disclose the seller's profile because he was thinking that I'm lying. How would you handle such situation? What I'm planning, We must not share our portfolio to every client, maybe some of them are sellers but pretending to be a client? Suggestions?
  12. Last month when I got a bad feedback which almost vanished me from search, so no more inquires for almost a month & instead of accusing or thinking about this, I moved on and started learning a new skill. Now I am going to offer another service to my clients which will definitely worth their money. How do you manage your free time when you don't have so much work to do? PS : I'm a mother of two kids. I drive everyday to my office with my kids. Also, I'm migrating to Portugal next month. So very busy schedule but still managed to learn something new with dedication. What about you?
  13. Yes, if you're getting some cilcks but not getting any inquiry, I'll recommend making changes to your gig, title, picture, description, pricing etc. The trend changes over the time, explore new gigs & compare your offers. Also, I'll recommend offer something unique.
  14. This is what I have for current week 😂. It was over 15K per day when I ranked at #1
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