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Found 11 results

  1. I have two gigs in same category . Through those gigs, i am providing the same services. Now I want to change the price of those two gigs. Regarding that, I have some questions as follows: If I change the price of my gig, is there any chance of losing gig rank? As there are two gigs in the same category, it is not possible for me to change both gig prices at a same time. If I change one gig price, then the other prices will be different. Because offering the same service at different prices is not permitted on Fiverr, what is the best way for me to change the price of my gig? If I change the price in a normal way, there is a good chance that Gig by Fiverr will be removed. Thanks in advance Please let me know if you have knowledge about these topics
  2. Hello, I'm a new Fiverr seller (started out around a month ago) getting consistent impressions (~200+ / Day) and clicks (~6 / Day). Should I drop the price of my gig package at the cost of first page ranking to get an order? Recently I noticed that Fiverr is only ranking the gigs which are priced at the suggested minimum price for the category in my case ($80). No orders or even a single message for now which I believe might be because of high price for a gig with no reviews. I will be very grateful if anyone can help with my question.
  3. Have you been thinking about raising your gig price, but you’re afraid of losing buyers? Here are some good reasons to up your game with a price increase. Earn more from fewer clients If your Fiverr dashboard is filled with small orders for five bucks, you’re probably doing something wrong. Charging five dollars for anything is madness if you’re a professional. It doesn’t matter what you do. Five bucks aren’t even worth the time it takes to thank the buyer for their order. Besides, having tons of orders means you never have time to give your buyers proper attention. It might sound counterintuitive, but you should strive to get fewer orders. That way, you can deliver your best work every time and charge more for it! One order netting you 50 bucks for an hour of work is better than 5 dollars for 30 minutes. Remember: communicating with and understanding each order, chatting with buyers and responding to their requests is also work. Less drama! My favorite reason to increase your rates. Are you struggling with bad buyers who seem to have lost their manners? Demanding ignoramuses who didn’t read your gig description? Then this is for you: High-paying buyers have a tendency to be easier to work with! Offer five-dollar gigs, and you’ll get the worst buyers Fiverr has to offer. If you’ve ever read Donald Duck, you know who Scrooge McDuck is. And you wouldn’t want to work with him, right?! Buyers who know what they want and have the budget to back it up will usually never purchase the cheapest gigs. They are looking for a great blend of quality and value for money. And since they aren’t paying “pennies” for some unprofessional gig, they are more likely to take their time, research your gig, and have a chat with you before ordering. Adulting is expensive A lot of sellers on Fiverr constantly worry about money. After all, we need food on the table. Raising your prices makes it easier to pay the bills each month (if you’re good at what you do, of course). Less stress benefits your health and clients since nothing can bring you out of the zone like a big pile of unpaid bills. You should also save money as a buffer. Ideally, it would be best to have savings that could last you for a year or more. If you only earn what you need right now, you’re doing it wrong.
  4. With the new year looming I suggest that you consider raising prices on your services for many reasons. Among them: 1. Fiverr gives you great tools to help promote your sales, but many come at a price. If you are a member of "seller plus", that is $348 per year right off the bat. Build that in. 2. Seller plus allows you to send coupons to select customers, which can build sales, but at a lower wage per project. Calculate how much the coupons cost you. Build that in. 3. Subscriptions let you sell several widgets instead of just one, but at a reduced price per widget. Calculate that and yes, Build that in. 4. "Promoted gigs" can add up quickly. If you spend just $100 per month on promoting your gigs, that's another $1,200 per year. Good program, but.. Build that in. 5. Remember that Fiverr takes 20% off the top (well deserved), but you can see that this is all adding up quickly. Build that in. 6. Global inflation and supply chain disruptions are making bread, beer and beans more expensive, but also electricity, paper, laptops, internet, cat food, and streaming. Yes, Spotify just hit me up for an additional $1 per month. Everything you use for your business and your personal life is getting more expensive. Build that in. 7. Taxes are not going down. Every politician I hear seems to want more of what I generate here on Fiverr, but they promise that this time, they will really, really spend it wisely. Build that in. If you add up what effect this will have on your earnings, it is a staggering loss, and one that we all need to prepare for. The opportunities we have to promote our services here on Fiverr are helpful, just remember to do what every corporation in the world does. They pass the cost of advertising (and literally everything else) on to the consumer. It's just good business sense, or you end up working for a lower wage year after year, unless you adjust for rising costs. I think many of us forget this and remain static, or even slide backwards because we, as individuals don't tend to think like corporations, and neglect to adjust selling price to keep pace with cost of production, promotion, and inflation. Plus, there is a hidden benefit that comes from raising prices. Fiverr algorithm (if it has any common sense at all) should favor higher priced sellers, as that makes their 20% larger. Not to mention that raising prices shakes off the most problematic buyers, and makes you appear more valuable to the high end buyers, like VID's and "Fiverr Business" buyers. I realize that it can be scary to increase prices, but I know lots of sellers who have taken the plunge and have seen the many benefits that come from doing so. If you are not brand new and trying to get that L1, you should give yourself a raise in 2022. After all if you don't, who will?
  5. Hi all, Been reading the forum a lot but frst time posting. My question is about providing web design gigs, so if I'm in the wrong sub forum please tell me where to post instead - thank you! I'm a new seller - joined in May. I get messages from potential buyers asking for services that my gigs don't quite cover, which is great because I didn't thnk I'd get much contact at all at this stage. My question is: How much are buyers expecting to pay for services? I fully appreciate that it all depends on the service so a few examples: EXAMPLE 1: Buyer wants 10 pages editing. The pages are already built and functioning. The buyer wants you to go through each page and sort out finishing touches i.e fonts made consistent on page, spacing, add a few links, add some entrance animations etc - nothing major, probably an average of 5-10 slight edits per page. Pages are built with Elementor. EXAMPLE 2: Buyer wants 3 pages creating in WordPress with block editor and Kadence Blocks(for example) The buyer has the design of each page ready to go as a Figma/PSD. I'm finding it a bit tricky to price in regards to what the buyer is generally expecting to pay for the service because I have a niche web design site and I know exactly what my audience are prepared to pay! But, Fiverr is a different beast altogether! Huge gratitude to anybody who can shed a bit of light on the subject for me! Tom
  6. I'm level 2 seller, and my gigs are doing fine, but I'm not satisfied with my pricing. If I change the price of gig, will Fiverr derank or unrank my gig or not?
  7. Hello experts i want to how i increase minimum gig price without any damage to the gig performance
  8. Hi, I have YouTube Video promotion gig with 4 review. Gig price is 15$ 30$ and 45$. Is it right price? Please let me know. If it is not right then what should be the price? Advance Thanks.
  9. Do you want to be a successful freelancers ? If your answer is yes! then read carefully and maintain this through your freelance career. There are some people who think that if they offer low price for their service then they will get more and more order. But in my opinion they are wrong! Though the Fiverr pricing start from $5 isn't mean you should start your pricing from $5. Charge which is right for your service. Suppose a buyer ask you to design a Logo for his/her brand how much you will charge ? It is right that you have to maintain your competitive price but if you work with less amount than your services I think your are the one who ruin the market and you have to pay this in future. So , My humble request to all seller that don't ruin the market charge your right price. Thanks
  10. Hey Freelancers! I am a level one seller. When I started on fiverr then create a gig with a low budget but now I'm a professional and leveled seller so I want to change the Price of my gig but I'm worrying about if I change of my gig Price then I'll lose my gig ranking. Kindly give me suggestions about that issue. Thanks
  11. If I change the gig price , the rank of the gig will change?
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