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  1. Hi @dannykojima1! Thanks for the links to the free stock images. I'll try to play around with them in Photoshop and see what I can come up with! 😊

    Also, I saw your post about leaving the forum! I'd hate to see you permanently deleted! Just ignore your forum account (instead of deleting it) and when you remember us, you can just pop back in to the conversations!

    Note: I'm posting here because I forgot that private messages are included in my 5 post-a-day limit. So I couldn't reply to you there.

  2. I hardly use Fiverr Forum and didn't spend too much times on the forum though. So I couldn't find a way to delete my Fiverr profile from the forum, but I want to keep my Fiverr (as a buyer) account just for purchase gig in the future. But I couldn't find the option to delete my Fiverr profile here. Or, do I have to contact Customer Support? Danny
  3. I am a new seller. What should i do to get the first order?

    1. dannykojima1


      Hi @shakibgra. I think you may have confusing me as Fiverr staff, but I'm just a buyer on Fiverr Forum.

      I just checked your gigs and there is something wrong in your description which doesn't make sense to me, but there are problem with your gigs description when you put "Why Choose Us", are you working alone or are there any whole team are working with you?

      Anyway, I suggest it better to do some research on the forum and ask the sellers for the tips on the forum. Maybe someone may help give you a correct answer. Sorry, I can't help you with this since I don't really spend a lot of times on the forum.

    2. shakibgra


      Thanks for you reply. problem with my gigs description ?

    3. dannykojima1


      @shakibgraYou're welcome, and good luck!

  4. If you ask me how good Adobe Illustrator can be. I will tell you how awesome Adobe Illustrator CC was! Designing art and logo with Adobe Illustrator sure does bring back good memory during my high school days in the early 2000s. The apps itself back then doesn't have a lot of tools, but still fun to design the art out of your head. Did you know? Back in my high school day during senior year, my art I won the first place at the art gallery with $600 prize is the art I designed with Adobe Illustrator to created art.
    Adobe Illustrator CC now today was so much better than the oldest retro version. Because it had 3D features you can create out of your logo and text!

    Did you know? Most professional comic artists on DeviantART, including myself used Adobe Illustrator to create comic character design by using pen tool! 

  5. Most of the time I have to reminded myself that it is not healthy to block a friend back just because they deleted and blocked us after 12 or 15 years of friendships, if they decided to cut us off from their life. Then, of course there is nothing we can change that. Most people we met online will come and go. We can't force them to stay with us forever.

    Although I find the blocking friend just show us how immaturity some people can be. however, I understand where they are coming from when they have family issues at home or broke up relationship problem. It is very sad, indeed. Because nothing we do to can't change that. That's why I would advise the person to seek counseling or therapist for help if they have some mental break through with friendship relationship, and need someone to talk. It's suck to be lonely without having no one else. I get it. Even if that person decided deleting and blocked me after 5 or 6 years of friendship for not able to be there for them through hard time they are depressed after knowing I was too busy with commissions. I always take a lot of my times to be there for them when they need someone to talk to. I would let him/her go and won't bother them. It's their decision to end our friendship relationship. All I can do is wish them all the best and wanted them to be happy. There is no need to hold grudge or hatred toward them just because they removed us from their life. It's hurtful, but you have to remember it their decision, even if you or your best friend have an argument over small things or have no issue at all, but they just removed and blocked you out of the blue. Yes, it really mess up what they did.

    Deleting and block friends can be very confusing and leave us scratching our head and wondering what we done, if they are upset something. You have to remember, sometime a friend might unblock and message you later if they feel lonely or miss you. If not, maybe they found someone else. You just have to move on and live your life. Then are plenty of new friends online we can always meet get to meet them. Not all are friendly, but most are friendly we can meet online.

  6. Well, it's look like I will not going to have a vacation anytime soon until my work is finish with the new art for another book. Have a new commission coming up from another client to design fantasy art for his new book. I don't even know how long this artwork going to take, but the project sounds super exciting to me to be honest!

    And yes, he wanted the artwork like The Lord of the Rings, Witcher 3 and Skyrim illustration style mixed feeling. It's feel like me working on the Lord of the Rings artwork with Peter Jackson for the movie on set! [Feeling Happy]

  7. Would you rather pay the artist $100 upfront for a sketches, then pay another $250 for the final finish colors? If it was me, I would cancel the commission order after month if the artist does not following up with deadline. I have read a lot of horrible stories from client had bad experienced with the artist who stealing their money and gone off. I never ask my clients to pay me upfront just for a sketches, then later hold the complete art hostage for the client to pay another $400 for ransom. This is why clients never hire artist on DeviantART based on their Commission descriptions and Refund Policy.

    This is why clients have good reason to come up with Artists Beware website to expose these thief and scammer with their bad reputations. So other clients would aware of these bad artists!

  8. If you're looking to commission or hire an artist on DeviantART to create art for your book, game or music etc. But then the artist just disappeared from the face of the Earth with your money without show you the sketches after 3 weeks with  no respond, even if you keep email them and ask to see the sketches. If they did not show you any sign of the art process, but disappeared. Then of course, you have every rights to expose that person on Artist Beware websites, so other clients can avoid working with these people claimed to be artist. They are just scammer. Not artist!

    I support clients on this against these thief who claimed to be artist and stealing money from many others.

  9. The weather here in California will go above 100° later at 4PM, but eating orange fruit sure does keep me feeling cool!

  10. I cannot believe I will be 40 in 2 months on the 4th. 😞

  11. Even though the Wolf (Lewis) wasn't the only psychopath killer Sarah will ever come across and face with him later when he appearance in "The Final Last Stand: Fear No Evil" Vol.2 comic book series. There are some bizarre behavior about the Wolf in his past before the virus outbreak started. Of course, there are a lot of new different type of enemies out there, including weird kind of zombie (infected) bosses not only she will encounter, but some of her group who later meet her at the abandoned motel.

    Looking forward to design the zombies boss full body character concept artwork, including the crazies, cannibal, and psychotic (mentally insane) humans enemy that including the "Wolf". You don't want to know what does the Wolf did to his victims. It also happened to some of the group Sarah and Johnny (the homeless) are with have gone missing. Hopefully Sarah's youngest brother and his best friend Ashley wasn't end up dead in the hands of the Wolf!

  12. New character adding to "The Final Last Stand" zombie post-apocalyptic comic series. He was Sarah new worst enemy she encounter with during her trip to the abandoned food supermarket with a dog when he try to knock her out with the hammer.

    "The Wolf" who's real named was Lewis Davis, and he will often track down and hunt his victims, stragglers. Wolf was once a follower of religious-cult before he was expelled from the group for disobeying the cult-leader command.

    Wolf is a skill hunter and a loner lurking in the woods, but some survivor said he traveling with the pack of wolves. However, there is no proof of evident supported their claimed about the Wolf.

    New character concept art, "The Wolf".

    Yes. Sarah was his enemy he tried to kill, but failed. Thanks to (a German Shepherd) dog who saved Sarah (the main female protagonist) life.


  13. The real face concept idea for Sarah character for the final full body character model design concept art in "The Final Last Stand" zombie post apocalyptic comic book series and game artbook.

    Sarah concept idea for the final character design. Keep in mind, her hairstyle may be change a bit in the final project of game character design.

    Don't worry, she's not alone. She has a friend, a German Shepherd with her on the journey in San Diego.


  14. Scanning the San Diego area on Google Earth images for working on environment/landscape to creates some scenery concept art in the "The Final Last Stand" game art book and the comic series. Of course, the natures has been taking over the whole United States since the deadly outbreak started when the virus spreading quickly in March 2024. Not just the U.S., but the whole. World.

    The Dark Quarantine area used to run by the C.D.C., the Military and the U.S. National Guards are the most terrifying place. It very dark. And no survivors ever try to enter the quarantine area inside the abandoned hospital. Who knows if there any vaccine left in there. Everyone are struggling to find the vaccine, and they will keep fighting to survive...

    Even some stragglers are willing to take the risk for the vaccine inside the abandoned hospital, if they knew the building are fill with the walking dead.

  15. These are two images portrait I used A.I. Artbreeder to created for the early development how I envisioned my male character Jason Drake (who used to be the former Night City Police Detective), would be like in the final character for game.

    This is just an early development I'm looking forward to create a game final full body of Jason Drake character concept art with him wearing detective in civilian outfit and N.C. Police uniform.

    The first portrait was Jason before he was sentenced to 20 years in California Federal Prison he was set up by the corrupted cop, his partner he worked in the Night City Police Department beginning in 2057.

    The second image was Jason when he turned 50 before he was released from California Federal Prison, then searching for the criminal who responsible for his wife death.

    The images I will used for my personal project with two different story of the characters concept art designs idea for the final project only in game and comic and work close with developer and game director on future project.

    Jason Drake.jpg


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