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  1. We can't be sure that buyers will always message us when we use the promoted gigs feature. It might happen sometimes, but other times it might not. The marketplace is really busy, so anything could happen.
  2. When you give someone their order, make sure it's just right and doesn't have any mistakes. If there are problems, there's a good chance they might cancel the order and ask for their money back.
  3. It might take some time to get your first order. Fiverr is a very competitive marketplace. Keep working on yourself, your gigs and also do a lot of research about what would work the best for you.
  4. You are doing great. It will take some time for you to be noticed the way you have dreamed of. You can check what others in your niche are doing and you can also take suggestions from this forum too. Eventually, you will gain a lot of experience in the freelancing journey. Every seller is unique in their own way. It is great that you are getting noticed faster.
  5. My advice would be to reevaluate your gig descriptions and ensure that they are interesting and accurately represent your skills. You can consider optimizing your gigs for search engines, promoting your services on social media platforms by targeting specific buyers in your niche. A successful freelance career takes time and persistence.
  6. It can take some time to get your first order on Fiverr, but there are things you can do to increase your chances. Improving your gigs and researching what works best on the platform can help. Additionally, you have come to the forum at the right time and can learn from the experiences of other sellers. Keep working on your gigs and don't give up, your first order will come.
  7. You can request the client to view the files by using any other device. They can download the thumbnails on their laptop and view them. If the error still persists, you can rework on it.
  8. You can work for free for anyone but you should never work for free. It is a waste of time and will not add much value.
  9. If you have delivered the work and things are not getting sorted out between you and the buyer, then it is best to contact the Customer Support. Don't cancel the order. If you have completed the work according to the requirements, then you deserve to be paid.
  10. Do you want to work for Free? Or are you planning to give a free gift?
  11. You will never have control over any outcomes. You can communicate your difficulties with the client. It is their choice to accept, decline or to ask for revisions. If something is beyond the scope of the gig, you need to communicate that too with the buyer and the customer support (if the need arises).
  12. The buyer's request was indeed a very convenient feature for most new sellers. Now it is gone. We will have to adapt to the system and work accordingly.
  13. I would say that you should keep on doing your best and you will get there. It might take some time. It varies from seller to seller.
  14. I would say research a lot on what works and what does not. It will take some time but eventually, you will get orders.
  15. Did you read Fiverr's Terms of Service thoroughly before creating a gig or updating your seller profile?
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