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  1. Thanks @miiila bur the problem is some buyers are dont like to know personal matter, straigthforward. And the rish factor is the another matter...
  2. Hello Fiverr community members, Hope everyone is well enough to work here. Unfortunately, my whole family (my baby girl and my son are affected too) are affected by covid-19 since 20 July, still straggling to cope with it. The central hardest part is within 2Aug, I have to submit six works, but I don't understand how could I manage it; I hope I will send the delivery on time. ...................................... Please keep us in your prayers. 🙏
  3. How to avoid bad buyers? Do you have any experience on it to explain for us/sellers. Thanks.
  4. That issue is key factor for all successfull seller. congrats...
  5. Architecture and urban landscape design/render service..
  6. thanks a lot for your reply and hope that will work for me.. have a nice moment..
  7. But, what will be the fiverr algorithm? the previous request by buyer was not got an order. so, will the impression be become lower ?
  8. best wishes, i also got Level 1 seller on this 15 july....
  9. Sometime, buyers are inboxing a message for requesting a work which match with my different gig service. So if i change gig package/offer as per service requirement, thus have any bad or goof impact for next impression or something lower response rate??? let me know anyone please!!
  10. Yes, there is no otherway to get orders unless you don't have patient. I have visited your profile, i wish you will get more orders but need to active on Fiverr fourm for getting tips and advice to improve your running journey. Cheers!
  11. congrats... i got level 1 yesterday..
  12. congrats, i have been promoted as a L1 too...
  13. Congrats for the current level, hope for the best for your next TRS.
  14. sure, i will share as quick as posssible including my hard and soft journey. Thanks a lot for pinpointing it.
  15. Wow! Today I have promoted as Level 1 Seller. Yes, Level One is a big achievement! I hope I can continue the similar services for achieving the next level. Thanks to all sellers who are guiding and advising me during their busy working time in Fiverr. 😊 Best, zero_doshomik
  16. After almost 15 days later, I have got an order, and the offer has been come form returning buyer!!! So, keep doing your best work to increase the opportunity of Returning Buyer. Wishing for the best to all. Cheers! 😊
  17. running week, so many technical problems are envident and don't know what is going on in Fiverr. Is they update their system or something else they don't want to inform!!!! Hope everything will be ok soon...
  18. Be patient, it will be happened!
  19. Don't do it. Even you shouldn't send yours!
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