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  1. I have faced the same situation from level 2 to level 0. I also saw that my account was flagged, and I have completed more than 300 works. I am really disappointed about their new upgrade.
  2. This is an international Likert scale that would be useful in graph matrix, too.
  3. Hello, Can I add any link/website where I have my portfolio? like Behance, Adobe Portfolio, etc sometimes, buyers attach Google Drive or any link to check their work or large files. Besides, they want to share the work with their drive, too. Can anyone share the proper information about those? I appreciate any help you can provide.
  4. You can find many instructions and tips in that forum; I hope that helps you a lot, and also keep patience, including serving top service, no miracle. 'Thanks
  5. Hello, I have completed 200+ orders till today. So many ups and down in my past experiences; however, thanks to the Fiverr community helped me a lot when I faced several difficulties. One suggestion: do not take too many orders at the same time; if you don't have time or capacity to deliver on time, focus on your strength and subsequent work and proper schedule; definitely, you will get the order after delivering the work. Keep patience. Thanks.
  6. some buyers doesn't know even how to attach files, just order and go silence, then come back after due date.
  7. this option is not available in order page where buyer attach the requirement i set when they order!
  8. Hello Fiverr Administrator, I have observed that when buyers are uploaded files in order page, there is no option to "download all" the files by one command. I have to click individually to download it one by one. There should be an option like message/inbox to "download all". Thanks in advance!
  9. but, there is not similar keyword match in the tag lists.
  10. I have noticed that my gig tags are not visible in preview page, what does it mean? some gig preview page shows 1 or 2tags. is it not shown when buyer's are searching ? does anyone know about that? Thanks.
  11. this is an important issue. during the aggrement, buyers accept the revision requests, so it would not fear for sellers when the received additional revision request while that is exceed the limits. this about seller's mental stress to work continously. buyers should be warned for additional revision request will be charged. think not only carefully but also wisely for future of Fiverr.
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