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  1. Thanks! Glad to finally have achieved it, took me almost 4 years. Correct. UGC, VO and translation
  2. I appreciate that! When I started you were the only TRS I could find in our sub-category (I started with only doing VO), and I remember looking to you as a voice actor that I aspire to be (the quality of the audio, the skill etc). "How would SmashRadio read this line?" 😅 I'm frequently doing competitor research, and you have always come up as the one that does things right, but I think there is also limits to how much inspiration you can take from competitors, as you need to build your own style / brand. At least long term. You will however admit that you did influence me to start posting here on the forum. I saw some of your posts here, thought they were pretty entertaining, and since I have seen you before I wanted to give it a shot as well!
  3. I understand where you are coming from but I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to convey. I do not condone any type of review manipulation. I am only giving tips on how to improve communication. Usually I only need to worry about communication between my services and the buyer, but in this instance I need to be the communicator on behalf of Fiverr's system, since it's not clearly explained and I get the consequences. I belive I have been very clear about not asking for 5 stars, so if someone does asks for this, then it's not on me. The reason why it's harder for clients to leave a 5 star is because it's not clearly explained anymore. You say it's clearly explained, but the fact of the matter is that it's not anymore unfortunately. Buyers dont use it as an excuse, at least for me. Because I dont ask them why they left a 4 star. They come to me on their own accord and tell me how sorry they are. It's just reality of how it is. Maybe you found the system on the buyer side to be easy to understand, but for many it's not
  4. Correct, this is a great way of getting rid of bad buyers. However, what I am talking about is not bad buyers that want to give you a bad review, it's simply buyers that get confused with the new system. The sentence is just informing them how the system works, and it's not even close to breaking the rules. This is coming from a Top Rated Seller. I ask for reviews all the time, and Fiverr are ok with this. They are just not ok with you specifically asking for a good review. That would be manipulation. But the sentence I gave is also even further from this rule, as you are just informing about the new confusing system, and not asking for a review.
  5. No, what I showed you is just letting them know how it works: "When the order is completed you will get asked to select one of five statements regarding how satisfied you are, which corresponds to how many stars you give." You are not asking them "please dont leave 4 star / please give me a 5 star". It is simply just informing the buyer. Because most of these new 4 stars are coming as a result of confused buyers
  6. Good point, it's also important to filter out buyers you think you might have a bad time with. I am just sharing my experience, and this is what has helped for me. And yes, you are correct, I know which buyer you talk about. This buyer was the outlier here. I was on the edge then I decided to work with them, and I made the wrong decision in doing so. The other ones were happy, as 100% of them came back to me afterwards to work more, and some noticed they left a bad review and apologized. You live and you learn with these I suppose
  7. It should be, but they wont. When you are getting the consequenses then you need to do something about it yourself, so this is the answer. Unfortunalte the system is confusing, and the only thiung a seller can do it to adjust to the new system. I also belive you missunderstood what I was trying to say with the line, so let me explain: It is correct, its not allowed to ask sellers to leave a 5-star review. Do not do that. On the other side, I would like to note. It's absoultely allowed to ask buyers to leave a review, just not ask them to leave a good review. I have been a buyer many times, and the top people on the platform does this. I am also a top rated seller, and have been doing the practise of asking for a review (not a 5 star review) for many years. I am simply stating that when you complete the order you will be prompted with five statements, and these statements corresponds to one to five stars. Nothing related to a 5-star rating. But I will add this in the thread, so people dont missundertand me!
  8. If you have been getting more 4-star reviews in the last months, you are not alone. Actually, it's a simple reason for why this is the case, and if you dont already know, it's not your fault. I have tried and tested one technique that makes 4-stars much less frequent. Just a sidenote: I will not give you "5 general rules of improving your service!". No, I have one trick that I have tried and tested, that will help. First, to understand why my technique I will work, you need to understand why we are all getting more 4-star reviews. (If you know why, you can skip this part) Fiverr has simply changed the rating system recently. Before it was simple; As a buyer you get an option to choose between 1-5 stars. That's it. What about today? Well, now buyers are given 5 statements (bad, good, great etc.) The reason we get alot of 4-stars is because the statement that is representing the 4 star is a natural answer. I dont remember the exact statement, but it's along the lines of "Great experience". 5-stars on the other hand is more along the lines of "Exceptional experience". Most buyers dont know this is a rating system, and will simply go with the most natual answer, which normally is answer 4. The important thing to take away from this is that many buyers missunderstand this, and they dont understand they are leaving a review when answering these statements. Now that we have understood why you get 4-star reviews, let's talk about how to avoid it: At the end of each order add something like this: "When the order is completed you will get asked to select one of five statements regarding how satisfied you are, which corresponds to how many stars you give." REMEMBER: Do NOT ask for a 5-star review. You can only ask for a review, but not a good review. The reason why this works so good is because what I just mentioned - many buyers get confused. They dont know that answering the statements are making them leave a review. So just make them aware that the statements are the review itself! Have gotten multiple people contacting me afterwards telling me they did not mean to leave a 4 star This works great, hope this helps you!
  9. Great art! Glad to hear you are getting orders. It's the best feeling
  10. Yes, in the future make sure to not deliver the order, and just take the loss. The order will be in revision forever and that is better than a bad review. You learned from this, next time dont make the mistake to deliver
  11. Hi, this has unfortunately happened to me as well. People ask for cancellations or dispute after you delivered a perfectly fine order. Most of the time these are people that just want to get a free service and unfortunately there are not much Fiverr will do with these people. We are in a sense quite f**ed. Here are some things I have learned though: If a person does this, the best thing you can do is to reach out to them, asking them what they belive went wrong, and ask them what they want. If they simply say they want a refund you can politely say you can not offer this, and you can ask them for specifics to why they want a refund. Most of the time they can not give you an answer to this, but sometimes you can come to an agreement. Communications is always key, and it can solve it sometimes. If the person still does not want to give you a reason to why they want to cancel the order, then the only option they have it so put the delivery into revision (because you can simply just decline every cancellation request and if they dont put it into revision then order will be accepted after a while). When the order has been put into revision DO NOT DELIVER THE ORDER. Then you will end up like you just did, with a low star. I have orders in revision, that has been in revision for a long time. You just need to accept you will not get the money from that order, but the client also will not get it. After a while you can try to reach out to them, asking to figure something out. Try to end on a good note, but if not just dont deliver the order. Some loss of money is better than a bad review. When it comes to this review, the best thing you can do is to give a good answer to in the review. Be professional in the review, and have respect for the person. Future buyers will most likely look at the reviews, but if they also read your answer they can maybe understand this was from a crazy buyer. Give it some days to respond, so you dont answer emotionally is my best advice. I have given some emotional replied before and regretted it the next day
  12. I would try to look at your competitors and see what they are doing. Maybe you need to rewrite your title and description, and also change your photo. You should also try to look into your gig statistic and see where the problem is. In your gig statistic you can see if you are getting impressions, clicks and orders. Here is a solution for each: If you have low impressions - You have a problem being seen, so you need to fix your title and description so it includes more keywords that people search for. If you have low clicks - People see you, but they dont click on you. You need to change your photo, gig video and title. If you have low orders - People like something about you, but decide they dont want you after going into your gig. This is the hardest to figure out, but it can be problem with description, your promo video, your price. It can be many factors. If you send me a screenshot of your gig stats, I can see what needs to be worked on
  13. If you use a VPN, this is the case. Fiverr do not want you to use a VPN
  14. It's true, and it makes sense as they are a big company that is focused on profit, as all companies. But I am not sure if I agree that new sellers spend more than old timers. For example I spend a crazy amount on ads every month, but it's because I have been in the game a long time and I know I get my ad money back around 5x every month. Beginners would normally not be able to have scaled to this level in the beginning. Also, Fiverr is very focused on getting a good service for the buyers on the platform so they keep coming back. I would think that old timers are more efficient at delivering a good quality result than beginners. The only thing I think beginners can provide is a lower price since they just want some reviews to begin with. But I am curious to what you think about this
  15. If you are a buyer on Fiverr, you could put out a request globally on Fiverr. Here is an example: "I need a graphic designer with experience in.. drawing food. I have a cookbook that I need a designer for and I am willing to pay $100" The buyer then puts it into a category (like. graphic design), and if your profile is in this category and your minimum filter, under the (Set a rate), is under $100, you will most likely get a notification, and you can message the buyer and try to make them pick you. Sidenote: I am a translator and most of the time this does not work well for me. I get briefs from languages that I dont speak. I am not sure if the buyer just checks off all languages, or if they dont have an option to categorize the languages. Could be that other skills work better. So the TLDR is: It's a system for YOU to reach out to the buyer, instead of the buyer reaching out to you as normal.
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