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  1. strategist_ceo's post in I am not getting much clicks on my Fiverr gigs, is it ok to change my gig thumbnail? was marked as the answer   
    Other than some concerns about copyright and stock photos, which I do not share, I think your gig image is fine.
    December has been a slow month for many of us due to the holiday period and it took me over six months to get sales organically. It's your first month here, just stick around long enough and pick up some sales, reviews and good feedback from your buyers. You will grow from there.
  2. strategist_ceo's post in If I change metadata after create the gig, is it cause to downgrade my gig? was marked as the answer   
    There will be a temporary drop in your page "ranking", probably because Fiverr wants to make sure you are not violating anything. The search algorithm will "recrawl" your page and probably give you a temporary boost; if you make sales during this time, your "ranking" may increase—but if no sales were made, chances are it will drop.
  3. strategist_ceo's post in When should I rise the price of my gig? was marked as the answer   
    When you have over 10 reviews (at least) and have 3-5 orders in queue, you can increase your price at that precise moment. This is because the algorithm is likely working for you due to your work load and ability to convert, so it will likely tide you through.
  4. strategist_ceo's post in Very Similar Gigs Different Categories, Allowable? was marked as the answer   
    Duplicate gigs are not allowed; however, you can create niche gigs. For example, you can have a gig titled "Meal Plans to lose weight", another gig titled "Meal Plans for hypertensive individuals", and so on. All of these gigs fall under the same category (Health & Fitness), but each is unique in its own way.
    That said, why will you have almost identical gig descriptions? Be unique and have original descriptions for every single gig and unique banner images. Then you will "stand out from the crowd" and grow in your business.
  5. strategist_ceo's post in Order was marked as the answer   
    As long as the order is legitimate, why not? Sometimes, it makes sense for a friend to pay for it (for example, I helped my friend order something on Fiverr because I had a balance on my Fiverr account).
    The question is whether they will actually follow through and make an order. 
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