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  1. Why and how will that adjust? Are there any answers that I missed? Because I have 2 gigs that would definitely give my overall success score a grand boost, but there is "no data yet". How old do gigs have to be, or how many completed orders does one need, for them to show? If anyone knows (which is always the question currently)
  2. That is not very helpful. If his gig is hidden due to the poor performance, he can make it as pretty as he wants, and it won't show. Making a good gig description helps with conversion, not with impressions. To OP: I don't know the answer, currently no one does because there are no clear answers from Fiverr about most things like that. My guess is: Your profile will stay low and won't come up unless you somehow do get deliveries and better ratings. But without them, your profile won't return to a status quo, I am afraid. But that's just my opinion on this matter, it's not a fact and it's possible that I am wrong.
  3. It is right that there are way smarter AIs out there than chatgpt, which, in my opinion, is one of the dumbest ones. The only thing chatgpt is doing better than other AIs is the creative writing part. But the point is that everyone just wants AI these days, and the good ones are not public, the rest will be chatgpt clones. It's all carbon copies. And that's the world we live in.
  4. I think AI will be a wonderful thing in the future, but god knows why chatgpt became so popular, and now suddenly the whole world thinks it's like in the Science Fiction movies. "Computer. Analyse human behaviour of chicago and calculate which suburban street is most likely to be attacked by terrorists in the next 3 hours, we will put our guards there and save the day" "Calculating ..... According to public data from the last 25 years, I have identified 23 hotspot locations in this sector *displays satellite image with perfect grid*" In reality: "Computer, in this sentence; "The house on the hill has three windows", how many words start with an "h"?" "6" "That is wrong, computer" "You are right, please excuse the misunderstanding. I might have understood your question wrong. If you count the words that start with H you will find that there are 6 words. I hope that helps" "No, that is still wrong. The answer is 3" "You are right. The answer is 3." "Do you know which ones?" "I am sorry, I am a simple AI and I cannot access the internet for further information. My current knowledge is based on events up until august 2022." "I literally just told you." "Please excuse the misunderstanding. Indeed you just told me." "So which words start with an h?" "The words containing the letter h are "the", "house", "the", "hill", "has", "three". I hope this information helps you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask."
  5. Yeah people get lazy and think AI will do the job just fine. The reality is: AI is not as smart as people think it is yet. That is a dangerous mentality, really.
  6. CS Templating machine is spot on.
  7. I go with @graveyardshiftxand say it's on purpose to keep us in the dark and this is just a pseudo update to stop revolts. I am sorry, but obviously there is some system behind, why is it so difficult to give us insight? It's more work to show us "wrong" and "buggy" output than just highlight how it works. All we want as sellers is understand how we are rated based on what and which things affect us positively and negatively. It doesn't mean we are suddenly going to break the system, because we still have to make clients happy, right? But yet we are kept in the dark here. Not happy with this. Everyone has got something about this new system that they just simply don't understand because it is inconsistent with what's being said AND what happens to others in the same situation. I personally think they shouldn't publish the new system when it doesn't work properly yet.
  8. I'll print this out and frame it.
  9. It is unconfirmed, but it is a possibility that was very lightly hinted at. Vickieito mentioned it. Please don't take it as a fact yet, it's pure speculation. But if it were true, it would be a bad idea.
  10. We can only hope, but I am afraid, we will never know for sure. I remember we have been told many things, that just turned out to be wrong. For instance, how the customer support can negate the effects of an unjust cancellation so that it doesn't affect our profiles, and that turned out to be wrong and it did affect us. Or how private negative reviews don't affect your profile or visibility (impressions). I hope Fiverr will work on the obvious issues and give us the transparency we asked for and thought we finally received. But now I have even more questions than before the newest changes.
  11. AI looking over chats and analysing them for our seller score is a bad idea.. Even if a human looks over it, it doesn't really tell how the client was picked up and made understood or how they felt about it. Sometimes a bit of tough love is necessary and even expected, at least I can imagine if someone hires Vickie for her literary criticism, which is literally that: My text is bad and I want it to become better, so you need to tell me what's wrong and fix it for me.
  12. That's not new. The private reviews have existed for years now, and they outweigh the public ones by a lot. Or did I miss something regarding a change for this?
  13. " You’ll see details here when this Gig has more activity in the marketplace. " What does that mean? Anyone know? I had some deliveries for those gigs, but I have no score?? I know very well that that gig would boost me a whole level up now. All 4 or 5 deliveries were 5 star excellence. Why does it not show in my score? Too good or what?
  14. Well, try talking to the support, but even though it's not very uplifting to say, you don't have much of a chance there. If the client doesn't want to pay, you can only cut your losses. They used to say they (meaning Fiverr Support) will cancel the order without any effect on your profile, but most recent events on Fiverr proved that wrong. So, need to better screen clients for the future, I suppose. Maybe try your luck somewhere else. It's very easy to get work done for free on Fiverr, if you're hiring.
  15. Never work more than a set amount of hours a day, and make sure you talk to at least 1 person a day. And when I say talk to, I mean face to face. No whatsapp, no phone calls. Just meet someone and have an actual conversation. It's stimulating the mind and puts you at ease. Socialising is very important, even for the most introverted people in the world. It lifts your spirits.
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